Old town in Riga. You will never want to leave!
23.09.2016 BY Alex
There are such places, you want to get back to again and again. Sometimes it seems like you can literally spend all your life in there. That is exactly how I feel about Riga. It was obviously love from the first sight.
What else to see in Latvia, if you have already explored Riga
03.08.2016 BY Kseniia
Unfortunately, most tourists do never go further Riga in Latvia. Well, it goes without saying - this old city is amazing. But what if you're here for the fifth time, for example? Rent a car and go deeper, as we did!
Kemeri national park: swamps are a new sexy
31.05.2016 BY Kseniia
Willing to now, how does the last person on planet would feel like? Especially, when it's not just a planet, but something like Mars? Just visit Kemeri - Latvia's national park located in 50 kms away from Riga. Those amazing mossy swamps are not like any other scenery of the Earth: they are rusty green, stationary and very deep.
Two views: our favorite shows from Riga Fashion Week 2016
21.04.2016 BY Alex
Of course, within the years of our friendship with this event, both of us have already chosen our own favorites, but we're also always ready for a new discoveries. What was so special in fall-winter 2016 collections? We decided to show it in a new way - sharing each his own opinion.
Daily vlogs from Riga?
26.03.2016 BY Kseniia
That feeling, when you're finally done with photos from your trip to Riga and are about to go there again next week:) And that's why today I'm not only going to show you new photos, but will also ask you to do us a big favor and vote at the end of the article, wheather you're fancy or not to follow our daily vlogs from Riga.
05.03.2016 BY Kseniia
Little people know, that modern style in architecture firstly appeared in Riga. Those houses today are the true sight of the city!
Budget way to see Europe: Lux Express buses
08.02.2016 BY Kseniia
All roads lead to. Riga
29.01.2016 BY
A place, where the real Riga is: Kalnciema wooden distirct
20.01.2016 BY
The best spring-summer collections by latvian (and not only) designers
12.01.2016 BY
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