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08.03.2015 BY

Last December my dearest and the most inspiring Tanya Ivanova launched a new web-site - Hello,Blogger platform. It unites bloggers in one place, gives them additional trafic and other opportunities. Those who do not write, but are fond of reading will like it as well - there is no need to safe thousands of addreses anymore. You can easily read them all in one place.

I was thinking about showing you this platform for a while already, when Tanya suddenly arrived in Moscow. So we had a chance to discuss everything in person.

So, why do you really need to register on Hello,Blogger immediately after reading this text?

We already have 500 registered bloggers and 1000 unique vistors per day without doing any special promo. And this numbers are continuing to increase!

- For those who still havent heard about you - what is Hello,Blogger?
- Hello,Blogger - is a media-platform with 3 main responsibilities. First one is to give bloggers additional traffic. It is done by the "Agregator" section. Second one - to teach. And that is what #DigitalHeroes needed for. The last one is to provide bloggers with an opportunity to visit different interesting events. And it can be found in an "Accreditation section. Now it mostly works around St.Peterburg, but we are eager to widen the geography soon.

- Let's speak about "Agregator" first. How does it work?
- "Agregator" is a page with different blogs announcements. Any blogger can announce his new post. And each web-site visitor is able to read it on his page. We are not like many other russian agregators. We play fair and share traffic. It means one click goes to us and to blogger at the same time. You can see it in your Google Analytics. People say we already provide them with good traffic!

- How can you add your blog to "Agregator"?
- The first thing each person should do, when he first gets to our web-site is to register with social networks in top right corner. If you're not a blogger, you can at least save the posts you liked now. If you want to add your posts, you should firstly register your blog. To verify it, just add a special code to any of your blog-post and provide us with a link to it. As soon as the blog is verified, you can then delete that code. Now you can add your posts.

- You mean, you should add every single post with your hands? Don't you want to use RSS?
- We actually think about it. But we are now so proud by the high quality of our content, because bloggers are able to add only the very best. Every single post is worth reading! And I'm really scared we can turn it into a trash. Cause we already had situations when some girls posted 15 posts in a row, not letting any other a chance to be seen among. So we firstly should come up with some logic of showing the posts. May be, according to their popularity or likes. To make it more readers-friendly.

- Got it. And what about #DigitalHeroes. How do you choose people or themes there? How can people participate?
- This section is my favorite! Really too small amount of bloggers understand what is it actually like - to be a blogger. Even less PR- and SMM-specialists understand what blogging is. So we want to make blogging directory. We collect interesting success stories with educational articles. Many of them are translated from foreign web-sites, cause we unexpectedly faced the problem of people not able to speak proffesionaly. They already can say a little about SEO, but nobody is ready to tell how to make a beautiful design in WordPress, for example. So we are always happy to work with new authors! We pay them, by the way:) But what make me the most happy person are your letters with questions. Cause we now mostly write about what we personally do not understand and may be you are interested in smth else.
By the way, we are currently updating "Accreditations" sections following bloggers letters. The thing is we are now only sending additional photos and texts after receiveng special mails from bloger. Soon they will be able to download them directly form the web-site.

- Besides from the new "Accreditations" what else are you working now on?
- Lots of things! You should understand, that Hello,Blogger in only invested by me and our editor-at-large. Everything what we earn, we invest. That is why we are not so fast as we want to be. But soon we are launching special questionnaire for bloggers to let us know why is interested in commercial or barter collaborations. They provide us with statistics and we offer them new partners.
#DigitalHeroes is soon receiving new design.
And we are also dreaming about mobile version. Cause mobiles are the future. The problem is 85 if not 90 precents of bloggers do not have addopted mobile versions of bloggs And we want everything to look pretty. So we're currently looking for a solution.

- I'm sure there are a lot of bloggers ready to help. How can they do it?
- We are ready for any kind of help and suggestions! If you want to film video for our YouTube chanel - welcome! If you have an idea for #DigitalHeroes or want to make a shooting - we are in! If you want to make a blogging workshop in your town - just ask!

I want Hello,Blogger to be a platform, where any person can find something useful. I want it to be the first to think about when you want to read interesting blogs or upgrade your own. But we still have a lot to be done for this.

Photos by: Masha Bondareva, Nikita Kruglov, Nikolay Egorov.

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