What is Vero and should you be using it for blog?

01.03.2018 BY Kseniia


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This week the world suddenly went crazy about the new app. Not so new, actually - it's been around since 2015! The app is called Vero and claims to be "true social". Literally - "Vero" in Italian means "True". 

Being a dinosaur who lived through the hysteria of Foursquare, Vine, Snapchat, Periscope, etc., I made a habit of being unconditionally resistant to any new social apps. The truth is, I'm always resistant at first, then I regret it, because it seems like everyone else out there became a new star of this new app except for me, then the new app is abandoned by all those stars, forgotten by their followers and a dinosaur in me triumphs - we survived another era.

I predicted exactly the same scenario this time. Until something weird and totally out of plan happened. Alex set up my account himself:) Ahem, challenge accepted! So I'm spending this week struggling through overly glitchy app and trying to understand if Vero is something you should be using for your blog.

What is the difference between Vero and any other social network?

So, let's start with the basics. What's it all about after all? Vero is an app available both for iOS and Android that allows you to share your favourite links, music, photos, places, movies, books, etc. If you have blog, I bet you stopped reading after "sharing links", didn't you?:) 

The cornerstone of the app is that all updates are shared chronologically, like it used to be back in times of using social media for, you know, actually communicating rather than sharing your brekkie/muscles/perfect kids without being bothered to check what others are posting. 

Ah, and there is also no ads. (Yet?) Like, yep, you got it, back in times when...

Finally, there are "Connections" (like, your REAL friends) and "Followers" (like, "I don't know you weirdo, but go on, keep on double-tapping my photos", if that even works in Vero, type of friends). And you get to decide which groups should see which of your updates.

The main difference of Vero from Instagram is obvious: you can't share links, books, music on Insta. You basically can't share anything but photos and videos :) 

The main difference of Vero from Facebook or Twitter is not quite obvious, but I think, I might have an assumption. On Vero you always share a piece of a content (be it a link, a book or a good ol' photo) and add your caption to it. On Facebook and Twitter you can share just a caption, a phrase - that's called "updating your status". So, you can't simply "update a status" on Vero. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Can Vero be useful for bloggers?

The first thing I thought about while entering a brave new world of Vero was whether it can be used to promote blog posts (sorry, Vero, but you're sort of late with all your "true social" thing, our brains are already too twisted by algorithms, gaining followers and other games of that kind). 

Well, you can actually share a link to your blog post there. And it even looks quite pretty:) I personally loved the fact that you can choose any image from an entire post as a preview photo - just give Vero several seconds and you'll see all the images you have uploaded to your post, click on the one you find the most suitable and voila. 

Though I can't be sure it will immediately bring you new traffic, as you probably need some time to grow audience there. The fact that there no algorithms to skyrocket your post into "recommended", "top posts" or whatever might bring an injection of new followers makes the whole process way slower. Apparently, you will need to promote your Vero account on your blog first to be able to effectively promote your blog post on Vero after?

But I find the fact that you can share books, music, places and movies on Vero even more handy for bloggers, than simply sharing a link. Many of us review books, have "Friday / Monthly playlist" sections or enjoy trying out new restaurants. So instead of just sharing a link to that post, you can actually share the exact book with a paragraph from your review, mentioning that a detailed text is available on your blog.

Vero to me are the new Stories. I think, you will agree that we are still more real and honest on Stories in comparison with the main Instagram feed? Being able to share what is truly important for you right now (your fav books, movies, great articles you've just read) without being bothered to maintain consistent editing style and topics on your account means that you can become closer with your audience by discussing something that is interested both to you and your followers. I believe, being a bit more real in the world of perfect selfies and breathtaking adventures, will certainly attract people.

Downside of using Vero

As you might have already figured out, I'm still extremely hesitant about Vero. First of all, because why on Earth do we need YET ANOTHER social media, when we don't have time to leave a real life already?! And secondly, there is so much negativity around it and it's been only A WEEK since Vero appeared on our radars. Makes you a bit cautious, don't you agree?

So, what is going on around Vero? CEO of the company, Lebanese billionaire Ayman Hariri was earlier accused for not paying employees of his construction company for months. Obviously, knowing that, it doesn't feel good to support his business. And Vero IS business. Yes, there are no ads and the registration is free, but it won't be anymore as soon as they reach 1 mln subscribers. Then you'll have to pay a small amount to become a member. No one knows exactly how much is "a small amount" yet, I've seen versions from "several dollars per year" to "a cup of coffee per month". On the other hand, there is no evidence of any illegal actions in this particular company.

And I don't even want to mention all those conspiracy theories of Vero being developed by Russian team to mess up with the elections in America, etc. It might be happening, it might be not - we can't check or prove it anyway. But it definitely doesn't add positive vibes either.


My verdict

Is Vero here to stay or will it join a huge company of once popular, now forgotten social networks? Well, I have no idea:) I'm not very optimistic so far and, to be honest, still didn't decide if I'm gonna give it a go. First of all, because of how glitchy Vero currently is. It took me 24 hours to post one update and yet another three hours to feature it on my profile. And I got four likes. Yay! 

Also, as blogger I always preferred to have less social media channels, but to be really active and involved in each, rather than having hundreds of profiles and not being able to devote enough time to most of them. That's why I don't have Twitter or Pinterest, for example (though I'm really curious to experiment with Pinterest). I don't want to invest my time into yet another social channel if I'm not even sure I'm going to enjoy it!

But I'm not joining the ones deleting their accounts because of all the negative buzz as well. 

Probably, I'll passively keep an eye on it. When your career is devoted to digital, you don't ignore something being discussed that much.


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