Mini Cooper S Convertible 2017 Review
04.05.2017 BY Alex
When you meet one of Mini cars, it’s like you meet your old friend. This new Mini Cooper S Convertible 2017 is like your old friend who still looks very stylish and fast.
7 reasons to stay at the Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay in Morocco
13.07.2016 BY Alex
To have the best vacations in Morocco I would recommend to stay at Sofitel Agadir Royal Bay. And not only because that is exactly what I did:) There are may more reasons, trust me!
Morocco in 3 days
15.06.2016 BY Alex
We all think of the vacations in warm countries as of a journey not less than a week long. But what if you only have 3 days to explore Morocco? Is it worth the long flight? Yes, you should definitely try it and now I'm gonna show you, how to see everything in such a short period of time.
Formula-1 in Sochi with Martini
12.05.2016 BY Alex
During this May holidays I had a chance to visit one of the most valuable sport events in Russia - Gran-Prix Formula-1. This weekend is not just about the rides, but also about thousands of different concerts, parties, shootings, celebs and that incredible atmosphere.
Two views: our favorite shows from Riga Fashion Week 2016
21.04.2016 BY Alex
Of course, within the years of our friendship with this event, both of us have already chosen our own favorites, but we're also always ready for a new discoveries. What was so special in fall-winter 2016 collections? We decided to show it in a new way - sharing each his own opinion.
12.03.2016 BY Alex
Today I want to show you a video about that wonderful trip. By the way, it's only the first one, but there also will be a second mini-movie soon!
16.02.2016 BY Alex
There is some sort of magic in visiting such places in winter, because this year period is traditionally associated with Russia. You can ask any foreigner and he will definitely name winter among other stereotypes about our country.
TSJ Gadgets: what cameras to use for video and photo production
03.02.2016 BY
Flying over Maldives
24.01.2016 BY
Not the sun and beaches only: what else to do in Maldives
23.12.2015 BY
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