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June 2014

  • OK, ladies, if you want to still be named the main shopaholic in family, please, put your men away from the screens now:) Ready? Good, let’s start then. Back in February we received an interesting proposal: to make man suit in an atelier. Regarding the fact that it was new and interesting experience for both of us, we headed to Bond&Stinson immediately. And at the atelier… I had nothing to do but to admit that I know nothing about men sewing, especially about modern sewing practised in this atelier.

    But it was so fascinating! So hurry up for further reading to find out the datails.

  • And here is the new (and super-cute as for me) prize for our traditional comments contest. Dear readers, you’re so cool that this month my partners – online store for cool stuff Pichshop.ru – decided to present you a prize once more. And I couldn’t be happier! Because backpack is really useful in summer, agree? You can carry your picknicks there, for example. 🙂 Or ride a bike, walk to the ocean or lake (depends on where you are now).
  • My dear girrrrrrrls, happy first summer day to you all! The hottest, funniest and the most intriguing season is ahead. Personally I have so much plans for it already, and you? Tell me everything in comments:)

    And for one of my readers this season starts with a perfect gift – new dress from Made.To.Wear collection. Or even any dress in her design in case she doesn’t like anything from the collection. So who is the lucky today?

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