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December 2014

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    Test-drive of Seat leaving Russia in 2015

    by Kseniia

    In November the news that Seat is leaving Russia in 2015 suddenly were announced. It was yet before we found out that Hyundai, Ford, Opel, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and some other serious market players are stopping new orderst to our country in order to find out the economy situation. So everything sounded unrealistic. I’m not sure if there is any brand in auto-world that is so unlucky with Russian market as Seat, cause it’s there’s forth decidion to leave the country by now! But today we can say that it was quite predictable as they only sold a little more than thousand autos this year.

    So we decided to take the last chance and drive a possitive and funny Seat Leon colored in Gaudi style to Borovsk – city l already wrote about

  • На прошлой неделе я впервые лично ощутила всю абсурдность экономической ситуации в России. Когда вместо привычных 4 000 рублей заплатила кредит за учебу в размере 10 с лишним тысяч. Вот так-то брать долларовые кредиты:) Знаете, в тот день мне действительно стало страшно за то, что и как будет завтра. Вроде бы ситуация развивается уже не первый день, говоришь о ней постоянно, но воспринимаешь скорее как сюжет из сериала, пока это не коснется лично тебя. Но какие бы сложности не складывались вокруг, я привыкла смотреть на все с оптимизмом и верой в будущее. Вернуть привычное состояние души и правильные мысли мне помог Мишель Ломбарди, обаятельный и общительный шеф-повар ресторана "Река". Вообще-то, Мишель ведет свой блог на сайте marieclaire.ru и делает это так интересно, так живо, что я немедленно напросилась на личное знакомство!

  • What an impatient and responsible friends I have! A couple of days ago I promised to show you my London outfit and you kept reminding all this days! You making me feel ashamed:) But honestly I was so eager to show you this photos myself, because they are so sunny and warm! Hope they will make you feel a little better and warmer today!

  • Travel

    Virtual guide to Verona streets

    by Kseniia

    I’m always angry with how Alesha manages to keep our photos and videos undone for a long time. We still have so much to show you from London! But what to say about London if we even haven’t showed everything we shooted in America more than half a year ago! But may be this is the biggest enjoy – to remember everything while making photos in some time? It’s like a modern “family album”. Let’s be honest, we do not make those albums anymore (or do you?)^ so that is probably a new version of the tradition.

    So there are no photos of naked crying kids in our family album, only wonderful photos of a beautiful Verona – a place, where are family story started after wedding.

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