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May 2015

  • Good night, day or morning – whenever you’re gonna read this! I hope, you will, cause earlier today I tried to post this twice and each time my blog ended up deleting everything. The third try is the luckiest? The reason I’m being so stubborn is really worth it – while Alesha still works on a final version of my video from the journey, I want to share some emotions and several photos I made with my iPhone and GoPro cameras. I was so angry on myself about not having enough time for a normal shooting, you can’t even imagine! But #RUNSUPYOGA appeared to be such an intensive event, we literally had no time for anything else!

    And to begin with, I want to show you this funny small video from my Snapchat account. By the way, who has already downloaded this app?

  • “What the hell, what was she thinking about, why on Earth couldn’t she have started her collaboration with Calipso with this trend? ” That is probably how you might be thinking now, because only 70-es are possibly more talked about this season than white. And you’re deadly right here, but at the same time I’m sure you have no problems with this trend so see no reasons to be harried.:)

  • Please, make sure, you’ve noticed Yaroslavl, this one of the oldest Russion cities, as your must-visit place. If even in February (that is almost as bad as November) it manages to be cute and beautiful, how cool it must be gere in summer! And summer is only a week away, so here is my short story to wake your interest up.

  • Together with shoes and accessories brand Calipso¬†we continue on sharing with you the main summer trends (first issue in case you’ve missed it). We are responsible for ideas and visuals and Calipso – for the perfect shoes, worth half of kingdom:) Especially, those illustrating trend on shine and sequins, that are this summer not less popular than at New Year Eve.

  • Wow, do you have any ideas what’s gonna happen next week? Celebrating its 25th birthday, b>ROXY brand is organizing several sport events all over the world from Barcelona to Sydney called #RUNSUPYOGA. Just imagine this: the girl power, doing yoga on the most picturesque beaches of Earth, running through the crazy cities and natural resorts and sup-surfing together! How inspiring is that!

    So, the first event is going to be held on 23rd of May in Barcelona and I already can hardly breathe imagining it!

  • This spring Gorky Gorod resort hosted absolutely crazy Quiksilver New Star Camp. Thousands of snowboarders from all over the country – starting with the pro’s with the list of sponsors as long as my life up to beginners (like us!) – came there for an outstanding mega-ride and to have a great time in a marvelous landscapes of Sochi mountains.

    I get over excited while writing this! Every morning running through the resort, every day clumbing into endless lift and every evening while enjoying sweets at the room balcony, I couldn’t stop admiring this beauty and the warmest, friendly atmosphere. And I’m so happy to share it all with you now:)

  • And here it finally comes! The real spring is out there and is about to change into summer. Honestly, we waited for it way too long! And are you, guys, already ready for this hot season? I truly hope the answer is “no”, cause we with Calipso brand of shoes and accessories have prepaired something very special for you. Next month we are going to post a new trend in shoes and clothes every Friday (and here is how good I am in maths – 5 trends and a month match perfectly for me), so afterwards you will be 100% ready for summer! I couldn’t be more happier than to have Calipso as my partner in this project, cause, girls, they literally have everything in stores! It was quite complicated to stop myself from picking new and new pairs, otherwise I couldn’t even carry them to the car:) And the prices are good as well (you know, how shoked I am by the way too high prices of my favorite shoe brands…).

    So, let’s begin?

  • I remember clearly how I once asked my colleague why does she always travel only to Israel. But I visited this country myself and understood everything:) Israel really has a very special place in my personal top of must visit countries. You see, there are places like “You should go to Switzerland” or “Beach vacation? Miami is a good option”. But Israel always goes without saying to any kind of tourists.:) By the way, I recently found out that some people actually decided to visit Israel after my photos:)

    There is no such place anywhere else on Earth. That is why this very post is so sad for me. Cause it means that everything I shooted in Israel is over!! There are only a couple of more photos, I’m gonna show now, and a short summary of everything I posted after our blog tour.

  • So, here is, my dears, how it usually works – whenever you don’t pay the fee, angry guys take your home away. And we missed the time to pay for thestylejungle.ru server, that’s why you’ve seen strange texts here insread of new post for a couple of days. But I received a chance to look through LiveJournal at last, as a result – here is my personal favorites among travel-bloggers.

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