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November 2015

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    Skoda Historical Tour 2015 or 110 years of driving

    by Kseniia

    1905 was the year when the first Laurin&Klement auto left the factory in Mlada-Boleslav, more famous as Skoda nowadays. A Voiturette weighted about half a tonne and had a speed up to 40 km/h. Also it was ver loud:)

    As far as you could have already understood, today I’m going to show you some retro autos by Skoda. Girls, trust me, it’s even better than a vintage! I’ll do my best to present the history step by step, starting with this absolutely adorable little one, of course! 

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    Maldives: from a heaven on Earth to the five stars heaven

    by Alex
    Вторая половина этого года выдалась очень богатой на поездки, а за октябрь и начало ноября мы вообще смогли побывать в трех разных частях света. В то время как Ксюша развлекалась на неделе моды в Риге (об этом она расскажет чуть позже), мне посчастливилось отправиться на Мальдивы.
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    Jarvisydan: modern vacations in a XVII century atmosphere

    by Kseniia

    Finland is a place of total relax, a place, where all the body fills up with energy and the head – with new creative ideas and plans. Life flows efortlessly here, giving every other day a very special meaning and value. We could literally return to this country with its amazing nature – so unique and so familiar at the same time –  countless times. The best way to spend your time here is somewhere outside the cities, to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, to try some new activities like kayaking in Karelia, cycling in between fields covered by strawberries or fishing on a giant Saimaa lake. Only in that case Finland is able to show its best sides. 

    Today’s owners of an old Jarvisydan hotel understand this fact perfectly, so they collect all the modern activities to give us a chance to fall in love with our neighbor country at first sight. Honestly, I currently understand that I literally could stay in this place all the holiday, if I ever had one, without going anywhere else, because they have everything you need: from a marvelous national park up to the reachest collection of wines from all over the world. 

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    Maldivian souvenir for our readers

    by Kseniia

    And what do YOU normally do, when at 5 a.m. you suddenly can’t sleep any longer? I decided to use this time to announce a new prize in our monthly best commentators competition. This one is going to be really special, cause it was brought by Alesha from Maldives, whrtr he stayed last week (what we are yet to tell about in a various photo- and video-posts).

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