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Amazing Borovsk phototour

by Kseniia

I’m such a huge fan of traveling around Russia! We may have difficulties with the present and doubts about the future, but it goes without saying we have an outstanding past, knowing and seeing which is a must for everybody. I’m especially fond of auto travels. That is the only way to understand and to feel the real life “outside MKAD”, life, that is probably more real, logic and amazing, than the one we got used to.

After our summer huge project Live your Life, Love your City when we visited 10 Russian cities in two weeks, many of our friends refuse to travel around Russia, thinking it all takes to much time and money to organize such trip. Which is totally not true! Sometimes it can be enough to spend one day traveling, to find out domething new and interesting about our cities and people living in them. It is like that with Borovsk, where we drove on a cute Seat Leon, painted in Gaudi technique and given to us for a test-drive. This tiny city has seen great historical events which I’m now going to tell you about.

Reading about this amazing city I couldn’t believe how on Earth this little town (only 11 thousand citizens!) could have survived so much. But how can any be surprised knowing that the first mention of Borovsk is dated 1358 year! And settlement here appeared even earlier – in XI century. Placed on a heels, by the river it seemed to be a perfect place for a settlement:)

Ivan the Third was getting ready for a fight with Orda here, Ljedimitry the Second was here, Napoleon passed by twice and the house he stayed at while going back home is still here, German people stayed here during Second World War, destroying almost everything in a city. This historical events don’t need to be described in details, everyone knows them.

But they are not anyway what Borovsk is famous for. This old town is believed to be the old way believers centre. Noblewoman Morozova died here from hunger in a pit, archipriest Avaakum spends here some time. Today there are two working old manner believers churches in Borovsk. Honestly, there are so many churches, temples and monasteries here! The most impressive one is Pafnutiev-Borovskiy monastery, built in XI-XIII centuries – the one to see everything happening in a city. But don’t be surprised to leave the city to visit it – it is situated on a heel in several kilometers.

I have no idea if I managed to show you how incredible, rich and impressive the history of Borovsk is… Perhaps the only way to feel it is to visit it. Only that way you will understand how important this tiny place for our epic history is.

I’m so sad to see that people pay no attention to what they have – everything is ruining here! This crazy Russian realizm hides all the beauty buildings.

Why are we so indefferent to what we have? Do you remember our discussion about the history value in Russia and Italy? Here is the proof! Unique place and who knows about it? Who comes here to enjoy its beauty and to listen tours in different languages? Could italians ever allow it?

Not only the history and the amazing churches are the value of this town. Modern people are also worth saying about. For example, drawings of pensioner Vladimir Ovchinnikov are already the main attraction of Borovsk. Just imagine a person leaving all his life quietly and suddenly realizing he had a talent to draw!He painted over 100 paintings on the city walls already. This notes from Borovsk’ history and the ironic caricatures of modern living or an amazing views are a real “alternative city”.

In order not to be lost in it, Vladimir Ovchinnikov painted a map. We didn’t find it easily (though ot actually was very easy!), so here is the instruction: there is a house on the main square and Kommunisticheskaya street. It all is covered in historical scenes and the map is on one side of it.

Poems for paintings are made by the wife of Vladimir – poet Elvira Chastikova. Such an artistic family! 🙂

While standing in front of the map, look back – you have missed some drawings already! In a walking distanse from this place you will find Lenina street (taking its start from the church on a main square), that is also rich in drawings. The most impressive it “Uspenskaya street at the begining of the XX century” – this a historical view on a true street, now called Lenina.

Sadly, many of this masterpieces are in a really bad condition now. They loose the colors and are being removed by the administration. But if its easy to solve the second question by only choosing private houses for the next works, the first one has no answer yet…

The hardest times are now for “Borovsk ethimology” painting, placed on an old cinema building. And no other is painted here but Pushkin. The thing is he once called Borovsk “pig house”, but it was not named after pigs but because of the forests around. So coomon people don’t really like poet.

One more person to be proud of is Konstantin Tsiolkovsky who lived and tought math here. His monument is placed right behind the house with the map. His appartment turned to be a museum is also not far. To keep the ironic mood of the city, Tsiolkovsky is sitting in felt boots.:)

Some more views:

I suppose, I can speak about this place for ages. I hope, someone will get inspired for a small trip afterwards. At least, while traveling to popular “Etnomir”, which is only 7 kilometers away from Borovsk

Photos by: Akexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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