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“Aristocats” by Paul&Joe Sister and Disney

by Kseniia

Paul&Joe Sister brand has collaborated with Disney, making a small collection of cute T-shirts devoted to “Aristocats” cartoon heroes. And I’m so proud to be one of the bloggers from all over the world represanting this collection to you, considering I’m such a huge fan of everything fluffy and purring. 🙂

For this outfit shooting we have chosen one of the most aristocratic places in London – Kensington garden and palace. The palace itself is quite simple, but it was home for the most outstanding people in history: from it’s first owner Nottingham and Peter the First, who once was a guest there, up to princess Diana. Now it belongs to no one else but prince William and duchess Katherine (who is more known as simpy Kate).

And so, everything went good with the aristocratic part, but not so well with the cartoon. The thing is Kensington gardens are owned by another fairy hero – Peter Pan. First of all, because you can see his monument there, where Peter is surrounded by squirrels and fairies, secondly, because his creator James Barry lived just opposite the gardens and finally because there are no other cartoon heroes than him here. And aristocats, as you can remeber, actually lived in France…

All in all, this total speech is meaningless. What really matters is that I already have this T-shirt and it’s super-cute!

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

I’m wearing:

T-shirt Paul&Joe Sister
Jeans American Eagle Outfitters
Bag River Island

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