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by Kseniia
  • Let’s get it straight, Saint Petersburg is stunning. The architecture of the houses and unique churches, the statues around the city, the spectacular bridges and gigantic squares – the extent to which Saint Petersburg is decorated is indescribable. But the most jaw-dropping sights are, no doubts, its palaces. There are so many of them, all so different but equally interesting. Here are some of the coolest.

  • Many people say that every person should own or rent a convertible car at least once in a lifetime. We completely agree with that! That’s why we decided to create this inspirational blog post with pictures of nice convertible cars, ideas on where to go and even put together a soundtrack for this potential journey.

  • BMW

    BMW 3 Series Review 2019

    by Alex

    To spend a day in Auckland and test the new BMW 3 Series? Yes, please! Check out Alex’s detailed review of this brand new car including interactive images and video.

  • It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that kiwi birds are a true symbol of New Zealand. What used to be an amazing 12-28 million population now hardly reaches 100,000 species. Bringing new predators and pests to the country and cutting out forests is what nearly killed these unique birds. Here are a few ways and important facts you should know to help grow kiwi birds’ population.

  • We were invited to check out the newest addition to the lush Waikato festival scene – Feast Waikato, food festival like you’ve never seen before. For a whole weekend, there were degustations in local restaurants, food workshops, outdoor cinema that everyone was talking about and, of course, tours to private vineyards, breweries, cheese factories and other intriguing places that are normally close for public.

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