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    My favorite (or not so much) hair treatments

    by Kseniia

    Those who know me longer that 3 minutes, surely know how much I adore everything that is connected with hair treatment. I already have a big collection and it continues to grow. Today I’m going to show you beauty stuff I use and that should be applied after hair washing or on dry hair.

    Hope, you’ll find my choce interesting and useful!

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    #1000followers and tasty giveaway in Instagram

    by Kseniia

    Hooray! It’s a great date for my Instagram account today! We reached 1000 followers. And it makes me very happy, so I can’t wait to make happy some of you as well. By a new and super cute giveaway for example! Hurry up to my Instagram account (@thestylejungle) cause it’s already on! Find the photo from this post there and follow the instructions.

  • I could hardly keep this secret because all I wanted since everything was set – to shout about it on every corner! You certainly know already that Centro has a wonderful collaboration with Vicini, brand with Giuseppe Zanotti (who made best nude heels in my wardrobe!) as a creative director. In fact, it would be enough for totall happiness, but there are some more exciting news.

    Centro is starting an international contest for girls from Russia, Ukraine and Poland with the most amazing prizes ever seen. First prize is a trip to Milan for a meeting with Giuseppe Zanotti (just imagine!), some other girls would also receive shopping certificates and one girl from Moscow would win a professional photoshooting from theStyleJungle.ru!!

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    Tips&Tricks: online promotion for money

    by Kseniia

    Frankly speaking, I’m tired of watching how bloggers substitute themselves. Just think of it: you can’t have more that 10K Instagram followers and receive not more than 35 likes for new photos. Impossible to receive 1000 new followers on Youtube every day and don’t have any comments or likes for videos (if only they’re not that bad and borring). No need to lie about your statistics because there are thousands of web-sites to check this.

    Of course, you can buy everything today. But if you have money, why not to spend them on something really usefull (and honest!) for your blog? Even million fake followers don’t cost the trust of your real readers and partners, believe me.

  • I told you to be ready for dancing invasion in my blog this month. And here we go!

    This is our second dancing video and it means world to me. I’m very proud to introduce it. While sitting with Ann in my kitchen, i couldn’t believe that we suddenly got in contact via social networks with one of our favorite choreographers – Alexander Shtatnov. It was like a miracle that would diappear next morning. But it didn’t! Next morning we were sitting with Alexander in cafe, planning our video! Gosh! I still can hardly believe it! This person is absolutely stunning. In the way he dances, speaks, shares his love to dance. And of course the process of shooting – you know I’m a fan of making videos. It all was absolutely crazy!

    And you can easily notice my hair flying higher than usually – it means I was above happy! 🙂

    By the way, to fully enjoy the video click HD on the videoscreen!

  • There is that kind of love when you understand – it is something above logic and will never end. And I’m not talking about common human love. It’s about love only fashion addicts can uderstand. Love to purse, watches, boutique. I’m lucky to have that kind of love with American Eagle Outfitters. And I wasn’t payed to say this:) I really can’t imagine my wardrobe without their clothes anymore. Before spring collection came to the shops I was surprised to understand, that there is nothing more to buy there, I already have everything! I wear American Eagle Outfitters while dancing, working, having lazy breakfast with Alesha when there is no need or wish to wear something more elegant than bulky sweater (you got it, right?).

    So I can’t even describe how happy I was when they invited me to participate in this cool project: to tell how is American Eagle Outfitters connected with my everyday life. We did so much together! Workshops, lectures, shootings… I literally live in this clothes.

    And the most important, what AEO gave me – is freedom to dress how I like during my dance classes. You know, how much dancing means for me, you know, how much I love that crazy juzz-funk dressing manner and flying hair, of course. In our small video and some photos we did our best to show you my emotions. I really hope, you’ll enjoy it and can’t say I’m not scared, because I look so unfamiliar there, without any glossy or glamour mood, but absolutely happy. And I couldn’t be more honest than in this moments.

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    St. Valentine’s Day

    by Kseniia

    Don’t forget to touch the photo in order to see all the brands we are wearing

    This week I was asked how my best St. Valentine’s day looked like. And I suddenly understood, that… it didn’t happen at all! We’re not that kind of people waiting for 14th of February with great impatience. I like to think that it’s because good relationships don’t need a reason. But anyway – holiday is holiday and why not to celebrate it? Perhaps, not by going to theatre and restaurant, but with a beautiful shooting made in a wonderful place.
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    New is the most unliked past

    by Kseniia

    Don’t forget to check the brands right on the first photo

    There is always something I’m ready to fight with. In my childhood I was too shy to speak with unknown people, so I became a journalist and now communicating with new people is part of my profession. I wanted to be "serious" journalist and never paid any attention to glossy magazines. Now I’ve been working for them for 3 years already:) I could never understand what people liked in zumba and gave a workshop. That is how my love with zumba started.

    Another "never ever" point turning to "look, how cool is that" was that "unglossy" photoshoot. I’m talking about all those photos in strange colors, taken in strange places with strange camera. I’m really a fan of something more classical: beautiful girls with long hair and legs, standing in front of a big city in clothes like Jil Sander and Marni in colorblocking trend. I think, you’ve got it, right?

    And here we go! Poses, I didn’t got used to, too much light and all that hipster hints. Of cource, it may be not that highlighted as needed, but it was kinda awkward for me as I never did anything like this before, But I really enjoyed the shooting and the results. Definitely worth trying, what do you think?

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    theStyleJungle interview for ONS Magazine

    by Kseniia

    Oh, please, don’t touch me, I’m not ready to wake up yet. Because what else can this wonderful interview published in St. Peterburg’s ONS magazine be if not a happy dream? To be honest, when Julianna first wrote me about an interview, I couldn’t even imagine those interesting and far from usual questions. It was really a great pleasure to answer them. But even above happy I became when she showed me the design of the pages. Everything is made so beautifuly! I could hardly wait the date to show you those pages!:)

    By the way, I’m still able to speak not only about me:) And I can’t miss a chance for some compliments for ONS Magazine team. They’ve made a really great job! So many interesting people in one issue, such a beautiful design! Do you want to see it? Than visit online version .

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