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    LUBLU Kira Plastina FW 2014/15 fashion show

    by Kseniia

    The premium Kira Plastinina line fashion show as always made me thinking about the russian fashion industry. But not about those people who are traditionaly meant to be "industry", but about that strange group of people always gathering around. I can talk about this for ages but don’t let me screw all the impression from Alesha’s photos.

    In our publication you’re not going to see classical fashion show photos. We better show you how we see this event: an old mansion full of more than modern celebs, TVhosts and Kira’s employees, who are all beatiful girls from posters, cozy noise of conversations, waiters with the best sense of humor I’ve ever met, beginning without delays, unexpectedly laconic collection which should be called "glossy" and those wonderful dark lips models had. I immediately lost my mind!

  • Though I have a strong feeling, that my lecture¬†was like an ages ago, it happened not earlier than last Wednesday. And I can’t resist from repeating all my thanks and love for those who came despite the awful weather. I can do it thousand more times. All your questions, gratitude and patience during my 3 hours speech is always the best motivation for me and my team. The fact that you stayed after the workshop to chat informaly is so important for me! I hope you really found something new and useful for turning your blog into professional one. And I’m looking forward for those private meetings we arranged with some guests in order to discuss their blogs and plans. Isn’t it exciting?

  • I was actually planning to talk about the secrets of profitable and useful linking, but unxepectedly (as it is always in Russia) winter came and there are now some more important questions. Like – how to make great outfit photos during such an awful weather? You’ll probably agree that it’s either possible for “80 lvl bloggers” or for nobody. So, all we can do is to follow secrets of those bloggers who are not scared of snow and manage to look beautiful even in winter.

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    Prize to the best February commentator

    by Kseniia

    Dear friends, I’m so excited about the new prize in our traditional monthly contest. In February it’s going to be stylish vintage backpack Wild and Wolf from one of my favorite online shops of cool stuff Pichshop. I wish I could have it myself, I even have an ideal skirt to match with the backpack, but this time it’s all about you, not me. ūüôā

    So, please, feel free to write your opinion, criticize or (I hope!) compliment. You can do whatever you like – even share the links to your blogs / web-pages or clothes you liked and so on.

  • Some time ago I told you that we’ve invented two upgrades for my outfit posts. And it’s time to show you one of them. Take a closer look at the first photo. See those colored circles? They help you to identify brands I’m wearing (and where to buy them) even withouth looking through all the post. Convenient, isn’t it?

    Lets get back to the photoshoot. It was our second shooting for¬†Charuel during a wonderful excursion to Aptekarsij Ogorod (in case you’ve missed my emotional post about it¬†follow this link). Honestly, I was even more impressed by succulents than by those beautiful orchids from the previous photos. Succulents are such an unusual, heroic plants! You can’t even imagine how unexpectedly wise our nature can be! And of coure I immediately felt in love with the place of exhibition. Isn’t it nice and chic?

  • If you remember, this Friday I asked to guess where I was via my Instagram account (@thestylejungle). So, here’s the answer, wich I was so fancy to show you that didn’t even went to slip before the photos were ready. At that day me and Alesha had a wonderful adventure that I couldn’t even imagine. We went to "Aptekarskij ogorod" to see the orchids and succulents and had a personal excursion with the main agronomist Anton Pavlovitch before the exhibition even opened to visitors! How cool is that? I was fascinated by everything he told us about flowers, it was really very interesting! I feel like I even got a bit more educated now:)

  • I can hardly imagine that a month past since the New Year already, can you? It was so fast that I even missed the right date to choose a winner in monthly comments competition. Honestly, I’m so proud of all of you cause I understand perfectly how hard it can be somethimes to overcome laziness and to write down everything you think about the update.)

    And that’s why it’s so hard for me to choose only one person and not all of you at once.

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    What’s new on theStyleJungle.ru?

    by Kseniia

    Dear friends, I’m so sorry for the lack of updates this month. While not producing new posts, I was busy working on technical improvement of my blog with my beloved team. Some of them you’ve probably noticed already, but all in all I believe now it’s the best time for a small review of what was done recently.

  • Hey, hey, theStyleJungle and Motivi are ready for a small gift shower! You can win 2 500 rub shopping certificate for ¬†Motivi.ru. Well, before shopping you need to follow my instructions to enter the competition.

    1. Sign up to my news at the right column. it is the easiest and probably prettiest way to follow theStyleJungle. Seriously, I’m in love with our newsletters!:)

    2. Afterwards you can choose one of the following actions:

    РJoin my VK community and post a Motivi Girl style outfit in a special album.


    РFollow me on Instagram (@thestylejungle) and post Motivi Girl style outfit with @thestylejungle mark and hashtag #MotiviGirl in comments.

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