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  • I should be honest with you, we don’t celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. Not on purpose, no. It’s just that we are not a celebrating all year round type of people: Alesha usually works on New Year Eve (he is a DJ, in case you didn’t know), our first wedding anniversary we were apart, saying nothing about Birthdays… But it doesn’t mean I wish you the same:) I’m pretty sure, many people will use this day as a reason to spend time with their “valentine”, as soos as it’s also a weekend this year! Most of the hotels think of a special program with champagne and chocos in a room for those days, so you can have a great time without bothering to organize everything yourself. 

    Here are 4 hotels close to Moscow, that you would never regret to pay a visit. We checked everything ourselves!

  • Somehow it happened, that Insta travel content is all about girls these days. They might be photograpers, who discovered all the advantages of the new social network, or former bloggers. moving to the more convenient platform, or just those, who continue on blogging or vlogging in addition to Instagram. But lately I bump into more and more profiles of male travelers, who have that unique view on our planet. They make photos so simple, but amazing, that we will never be able to repeat. So, please, no flatlays, croissants and selfies today. Only wild and mesmerising nature, captured by the most talanted people from all over the world. Enjoy and subscribe! 

  • Sometimes it can be too hard to realize, how beatiful the Earth is. How many amazing places, that are worth visiting, how many unusual activities and the most delicious food is out there! I wish, everyone had a chance to see, feel and understand every little part of our life. Remember, even a tiny moment can be a great experience, that you will remember for ages. Today I’m gonna share some of my to-do points, that I really dream about. Hope, this list would be a great inspiration for all of us!

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    How to travel for free? 11 cool ideas

    by Kseniia

    My dear friends, you do often write, how jealous you are, that we have a chance to travel so much. Of course, I understand how lucky we are to have that opportunity, but, trust me, it doesn’t mean you can not travel even for free or for a very low budget. That’s why I decided to combine all the tricks on how to see the world without debts and credits. Some of those we tried ourselves, others were told by our friends. But anyway, the information is really useful! I hope, my today’s post will open you the door to the destinations you previously only dreamed about!

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    Happy Birthday, Abramtsevo!

    by Kseniia

    С каждым днем я все больше убеждаюсь, что для того, чтобы сменить обстановку, увидеть что-то новое (и прекрасное), вовсе не обязательно далеко ехать. В одной только нашей московской области можно открывать новые и новые места практически до бесконечности – столько тут памятных уголков! В эти выходные мы впервые побывали в музее-усадьбе Абрамцево, что под Сергиевым-Посадом. И не просто так, а потому, что сегодня, 11-го августа, музей празднует свой 95-летний юбилей. Чем не повод для репортажа?

  • So, here is, my dears, how it usually works – whenever you don’t pay the fee, angry guys take your home away. And we missed the time to pay for thestylejungle.ru server, that’s why you’ve seen strange texts here insread of new post for a couple of days. But I received a chance to look through LiveJournal at last, as a result – here is my personal favorites among travel-bloggers.

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    World best hotels (my very personal top)

    by Kseniia

    I’m definitely not a crazy traveler. Especially after knowing that there are people like that blogger, whom we together traveled with last time, been only to Finland for 54 (54!!!) times. But being really far from his records makes me feel everything more like a first time, agree?

    That is why I want to share my personal best hotels all over the world TOP. Those are just the places I realy loved during my stay. And those I can 100% recommend (or even insist on) for a visit.

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    Just me! Roberto Cavalli

    by Kseniia

    Well, I told you, that New Year officially starts after the 11th of January:) And here I am, sitting at the airport at 7 a.m., writting new blog post. I just can’t resist this stereotype of a girl, sitting with her laptop and coffee in front of the airplanes… Posts, made before flights, are becoming more and more frequent here! At least, I’m not sitting in front of the window with my hair curled, writting those inverted phrases, imagining my inner Bradshow coming out:) And in order you are not bored here without me (I really love to think it’s possible!), I’m going to tell you about the must-read book.

  • Recently I started to write about how to dress for a New Year night without following the stereotypes, but not forgeting the trends. Back then still excited after my workshop at Metropolis I did it easily, but I don’t like such kind of publications so much, that forcing myself to get it done took me almost a month!

    But two remaining trends are so cool and aristocratic (my new fav definition) that I just can’t allow myself to ignore them. So let’s talk about pantsuits and silk with fur mix🙂

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