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  • Almost all girls from our summer travel project have already posted their photos, so now it’s just the time to show our favorite shoots. But first of all I want to mention that all the photos were chosen by Alesha as soon as it was meaningless to do it myself. I really love each, cause they are the part of the most important memories.

  • This blog is now about 3 years old, of which the last one was not only like having hobby, but a job, with it’s plans, targets and earnings. But you probably have no idea how many times I wanted to quit, suffering without development. But as you can see we are still here, dreaming, making, hoping. Not always successfully, but always from our hearts and wanting at least one person on Earth to smile.

    What motivates us?

  • A girl should want to be beautiful. If you have curves like booty or stomach – it’s fine! Just do something: paint hair, wear heels. Don’t sit still, eating cakes

    I first met Katya Zharkova at Cosmo birthday party about two years ago. The party was already over, it was dark and cool. We were sitting at the ship restaurant covered in plaids, some people were drinking the last bottle if wine. And Katya in spite of tiredness, in spite of early waking up next morning (because of the shooting or some important meeting – she was in the middle of prepairing new TV-project “There is one secret” at that moment), was shining like our own sun with her optimism, smile and funny stories.

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