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  • Girls, I now need to tell you smth really exciting! đŸ™‚ We are having one extraordinary trip at the end of the month. Extraordinary it is because of two reasons. First – because we yet have to learn a lot for it (if you follow us on Instagram here and here, you already know what I’m talking about!). And secondly because we are going to cover the process in blog. It’s not how it usually goes with bloggers, right?

    So where are we going after all?

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    How to get fit at home

    by Kseniia

    Actually I planned to make the post about at home trainings a little later, when I am completely satisfied with the results, but your todays interest to my training program in Instagram changed the plans.

    I’ve been training at home since January. I’m now kinda expert in at home training videos and even have favorite instructors:) And today I’m going to show you some of the most effective, in my opinion, fitness guides and how to combine them all together.

  • I’m sure that boring posts earlier or later make not only readers but bloggers themselves feel tired from that blog. Recently we were looking through our favorite bloggers and realized that many of them were already done with blogging. Can you imagine that? To not be tired from your hobby, you should always try something new. New themes, new inspiration sources. Or, as we do, – new possibilities. New gadgets and the possibilities they are giving were always inspiring us to go on, to improve our quality. That is why last summer we bought DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ – flying camera, giving us way new views in photos and videos.

    Since then we’ve been friquently asked if it was worth it and if it’s difficult to fly with?

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    To dream or to act

    by Kseniia

    I always believed and will believe that we are the only responsible for our destiny. Neither accidents, genes, nor stars can spoil it. And if they only thry, we will immediately fix everything!:) The only difficulty is that they are trying so hard, that are forcing us to forget who is the boss here.

  • Many people noticed my abs in this post. After a New Year I really focused on getting fit and healthy and here are the first results:) You know, I’m that kind of girl, easily gaining weight. If you don’t, you were just trapped by Alesha’s photo angles:) But how on Earth can you continue on doing sports and eating properly while in a journey? That was the first time I actually felt I could handle it without overeating or feeling hungry and sorry for the lack of fitness.

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    Happiness is here to stay

    by Kseniia

    On our 4th day in Israel I suddenly realized how absolutely fabulously happy I was. Are you familiar to thar rare moments of mental nirvana, when you somehow know, that everything is going to be fine? You feel more confident, your emotions become more intensive and you unexpectedly turn into crazily happy optimistic person.

  • I went through some new researches on this topic recently and it turned to be not as simple as I used to think about. So I decided to discuss it with you, my dear bloggers. Do you often use links to other web-sites in your posts?

    Let’s go through all pro’s and cont’s

  • Winter holidays and my Switzerland trip were so in time! After almost 20 days of rest I now don’t have to wake up in a complete dark anymore. I think, you agree, that it can be quite sad to wake up in a dark and to return home from work in a dark every day… Though it has been a little easier for me this year. Thanks to Philips’ present – the wonderful tiny Energy Up lamp, that boosts energy.
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    Just me! Roberto Cavalli

    by Kseniia

    Well, I told you, that New Year officially starts after the 11th of January:) And here I am, sitting at the airport at 7 a.m., writting new blog post. I just can’t resist this stereotype of a girl, sitting with her laptop and coffee in front of the airplanes… Posts, made before flights, are becoming more and more frequent here! At least, I’m not sitting in front of the window with my hair curled, writting those inverted phrases, imagining my inner Bradshow coming out:) And in order you are not bored here without me (I really love to think it’s possible!), I’m going to tell you about the must-read book.

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