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  • Next year it will be 10 years (oh, my!) since I left school, but Moscow Day is still some kind of “Good bye, summer” party for me. It was always like that before: 3 months of doing nothing, several days of school fun with no homework, Moscow day, and here it comes finally – new study year…. And though I don’t need to study anymore, Moscow day is still a starting point of fall season for me!

    This year it was brightened up by a tastiest Lindt chocolate, that everyone could have tried during the celebration. Of course, we just couldn’t miss it, so went to Strastnoy boulevard with the camera. So, have a look at or video and photos now!

  • Honestly, I’m not always the type of person you expect me to be. And I even enjoy telling my “unknown” characteristics, always followed by an unpredictable reactions! The thing is, despite beeing a journalist, I’m also a very shy person, finding it hard to communicate with other people. I’m never the one to introduce myself first; in a new company I prefer to keep silence; can’t make a single call for ages and love the moments I can stay in front of my computer the most of all. Well, it’s been a little easier lately – I learned to force myself to communicate with important people, at least…

  • My dear friends, today I want to show you something really special! A couple of days ago I suddenly received a secret parcel. We spent some time, trying to guess what could be inside the box that weights only 300 gramms:) But nothing was even near!

    Any ideas what was inside?

  • Never forget to switch for a max quility!

    Hey there, my dear friends! If you watch this video on Friday or weekends, it means you’re just like me – more likely to spend time alone. But don’t dive too deep, otherwise you will never beat this feeling! In order to improve the situation, last weekend I joined guys to visit Alfa Future People musical festival in Nizhniy Novgorod. All last week I was electrified with an emotions I got there.

  • Oh God, guys, I think my world has changed forever yesterday! All daily routine and thoughts are now so far away, I can hardly remember them, all I can think about is to live here and now on the Alfa Future People music festival in Nizhniy Novgorod, where we have arrived thanks to an invitation of MasterCard.

  • So, here is, my dears, how it usually works – whenever you don’t pay the fee, angry guys take your home away. And we missed the time to pay for thestylejungle.ru server, that’s why you’ve seen strange texts here insread of new post for a couple of days. But I received a chance to look through LiveJournal at last, as a result – here is my personal favorites among travel-bloggers.

  • We met with Julia,¬†Live Up! blog author a realy long time ago (it was the first day of that¬†Gaudi printet Seat test-drive, as far as I can remember:) ), but somehow this interview stayed undone for many months. Well, I might have a couple of ideas, why!

    Julia is such a strong and determinated person. Three years ago she changed her life and eating habbits totally. And I’m still here, dreaming, but not making it. But let me feel shamed now! Hope, this post will make me stop finding reasons for another peace of chocolate.

  • Getting ready for Quiksilver New Star Camp in Sochi, we, honestly, had no idea what to expect for. Alesha was never on ski resort before and I only visited Switzerland, in winter, but still have never seen those in Russia. That’s why first days were all about surprising about how beautiful and wonderful was everything organized there. Right after arriving we went to the cafe-grill on the main square and enjoyed sun and delicious food there and couldn’t believe there are five more days of a pure happiness and a unique atmosphere of a great snowboarding community.

    Today I’m going to show how a vacation in Krasnaya Polyana during Quiksilver New Star Camp looks like and how much it can cost. Trust me, comming here once, you will not wish to go anywhere else!:)

  • We were waiting for so long! And here we are, finally in Sochi, all seasons resort Gorki Gorod, where Quiksilver New Star Camp for snowboarders runs right now. Gosh, guys, what an atmosphere is here! Organizers and those, who arrived before us, made it really incredible. We yet didn’t have time to ride, but spent a wonderful half-day on 540 meters above the sea, enjoying wonderful views and that happy mood I now really want to share with you.

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