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    Czech and Skoda – king size, please!

    by Kseniia

    Gosh, today we survived (and that is the only word to describe it!) the road from Izhevsk to Samara and the only way to get rid of this stress now is to tell you about the Czech highways. Highways where driving 160 km per hour while chatting via the phone, holding snacks with one hand and searching for the cooler radio at the same time is quite a comfortable way of driving.

    The possibility to try this roads I received with an invitation to participate in Skoda bloggers driving experience. And I don’t know now if I ever had cooler trips: first of all, I was driving Skoda Octavia for almost 3 years, secondly last summer I and Alesha travelled between Russian cities on Skoda Yeti, thirdly I was never in Czech before. And after arriving in this country I realized I was the only girl in bloggers group and that somehow makes me be proud of myself.

    We were travelling through Czech for two days. But now I have so much impressions, I can’t even predict how many posts more you will have to read:) But let’s start with the emotions of the first day.

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    by Kseniia

    Do you, girls, remember my post about red lipsticks? Seems like after this love announcement something changed in the universe and red lipsticks are now finding me without any my involvement. Once it was a gift for our editors that no one was fancy about, the other time my partners occasionally send a red perfect one to me instead of the powder we were talking about…

  • We continue on surfing around the summer festivals with Vicini for Centro in order to find out what exactly is better to wear for this kind of events. To be honest, I quite like it now – new festival every single weekend, why not? And though I wanted to believe in miracle with all my heart, this time there was no miracle: most of all I like food-festivals:) By the way, our video from one of those we published recently. And while we’re in a middle of getting ready for the next one, here it goes – the video from the musical festival Fruit Vibrations.
  • A-ah, it was the longest day I ever had! When I’m so much fancy to show you something but forced to work and to study till late at night instead, it kind of feels like a torture. And what exactly I wanted to share is our new super-summer and super-sunny video. Alesha yet never was so creative in what he’s been doing, agree? Personally I can hardly find a good reason to watch it once more now. Even my cat had seen it already. 🙂 Twice.

  • Our worksTravel

    Feel like me: New York City

    by Kseniia
    This project was somehow born naturally, cause there was no better way to demonstrate our travelling emotions. Alesha once started to take pictures of me taking pictures (don’t go crazy now!) of Riga and they appeared to be so emotional, so real, we decided that they need their own space in blog.
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    Riga Fashion Week: final day

    by Kseniia
    I now feel like Riga Fashion Week was ages ago. But that still doesn’t allow me not to show you some photos of the new collection by my love Alexandra Westfal. You will definitely like it! Cause that is the perfect wardrobe for the modern girl: outstanding, active businesswoman who travels a lot. By the way, that collection was even born during the flight! That is why you can see the printed sky in some details.
  • One more very special and incredible place we had a chance to visit in New York City is Shopbop online-store office. It is placed on the two upper levels of the skyscrapper right at the centre of Manhattan. And of course, they also have their own roof terrace, where you can have lunch, meeting or just enjoy outstanding city views. Can there be anything more glossy and perfect in NY? I don’t know, I’ve never seen it:)

  • What I love Latvian design for is that unbanal approach for banal pieces. Seriously, you can often see such a basic looks at Riga fashion week shows, that they may seem way too simple even for those who only chose clothes according to theirs comfort and fade stage. But it takes only few model steps to find out that there are a lot of secrets hidden from the first view. Unique stitching, perforation seen only from a clother view or scales or any other feature. Something that makes us call this piece “designer” and not an ordinary. It also can be assymetric cuts on skirts, original coat collar or whatever. I should also mention that this details are usually all about breaking the dress-code or proportions. There is a real riot underneath this classic smart style! If I only had to characterize Latvian fashion with only two words, it would be “messy chic”.

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    Riga fashion week. Day 3

    by Kseniia

    Я наконец-то возвращаюсь к вам с хрониками нашей поездки в Ригу (обратили внимание, что стоило нам вернуться в Москву, как что-то пошло не так и обновления в блоге стали появляться реже?:) ). И пока мы только добрались до третьего дня, впереди еще много интересного! Но "экватор" недели моды стал для нас особенным, полным "местного" настроения. Посещение шоу-рума латвийских дизайнеров, наш любимый традиционный (и традиционно божественный!) десерт в Le Dome, прогулка по самым любимым местам исторического центра и, конечно, показы.

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