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    I bet, you will never watch it till the end!:)

    by Kseniia

    Don’t forget to switch onto the max quality!

    Hi, friends! How are you there? Me personaly – really cool, cause we finally made the video from our London trip, which I was so fansy to see, because there is so much interesting (for me) and so much beautiful (for everyone). I’ve already told you a lot about this journey. Starting from the main purpose –  Next.com.ru presentation up to my impressions from the city that has stolen my heart, so let’s just have a look now:)

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    Videoguide to amazing Verona

    by Kseniia

    My dears, I’m here, I’m with you, I’m still alive:) Last week was way to crazy and even my trained brain couldn’t make it: we are just back from our fantastic trip to London with Next.com.ru, just moved in our first flat with Alesha, everything seems so strange and new now, and my job is growing from busy to over-busy and I can hardly name the day of the week now, living in my own world (but that is not a complain!).

    The only thing bringing me back to reality is our blog, which accasionally turned into the guide to the past: we were here, than here, seen this, spoke about that… OK, now I can remember everything!:)

    So let’s go through the days of our honey weekend trip to Verona today. Remember them still?

  • So much time have passed since our second summer festival video! I wonder where it all gone?:) With me it’s always like this: you make shooting, become excited about how you post it and then…:)

    But anyway today I’mgoing to show you how cool it was at “Picnic “Afisha” this year (though Alesha would probably not agree with me cause he never liked this event). And how cool it was to visit it in right shoes!

  • We continue on surfing around the summer festivals with Vicini for Centro in order to find out what exactly is better to wear for this kind of events. To be honest, I quite like it now – new festival every single weekend, why not? And though I wanted to believe in miracle with all my heart, this time there was no miracle: most of all I like food-festivals:) By the way, our video from one of those we published recently. And while we’re in a middle of getting ready for the next one, here it goes – the video from the musical festival Fruit Vibrations.
  • A-ah, it was the longest day I ever had! When I’m so much fancy to show you something but forced to work and to study till late at night instead, it kind of feels like a torture. And what exactly I wanted to share is our new super-summer and super-sunny video. Alesha yet never was so creative in what he’s been doing, agree? Personally I can hardly find a good reason to watch it once more now. Even my cat had seen it already. 🙂 Twice.

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