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If you're currently in the middle of choosing a new exciting destination to discover in 2017, here I am with my calendar of the best places for each month of the year. Because the right weather is obviously at least 50% of your good emotions while traveling.
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This post is really special for me, cause it was made by one of my readers. Remember that contest, when we offered you a trip to Finland? Here is how it was from the view of the winner and her friend.
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Life looks totally different behind the Arctic Circle. The sun does never disappear during the summer days and never rises completely in winter. And that is exactly the place, where the remoted, unbelievable, wonderful Lapland is located.
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It may look like we've only visited Finland in winter in order to find out where to go in summer:) And Кytaja is definitely one of the destinations. And if you are in Kytaja, visiting beautiful cosy Hyvinkaa is a must. 

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So much was already said about Finland in this blog! And despite I will never get bored to describe this amazingly comfy feeling you get while traveling through this country, today's post is going to be more practical. Here is the way to spend a week on a golf resort by the lake in an incredibly beautiful house for only 150 euros.
Finnish, swedish, russian: Suomenlinna fortress
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Sightseeing in Helsinki is, hmmm, interesting, but far from being really exciting. To explore the pure beautiness of this place, you will have to take a 15 minutes ride by a ferry to seven islands of Suomenlinna forthress.
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We combined the most beautiful views of Lapland in one video. Hope, you'll enjoy it!
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We returned from Finland a couple of days ago, feeling more love to this wonderful country, than ever. I hope, our videos will show this place better, than any words. Fall in love with Finland with us:)
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