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Feliz feat. theStyleJungle about summer sports

by Kseniia

God, summer life is so much fine after all! I have no idea how is it possible – there is almost no night anymore here in Moscow: it is still not so dark at 12 and almost day light already at 2, – but there is still not enough time for everything planned for the day! Is it the same with you, guys?

While I still have a couple of minutes before an interesting healthy event, I’m gonna shows you a new Feliz issue with an article about me.

The 4th issue is named "Body issue". Editors combined really interesting and cool people in one place. And I’m so proud to find myself among them!

My and two other bloggers – Natasha Porotikova and Selina Kyle – task was to try on an outfits made for us by a magazine’s stylist and decide if they are really comfortable, good looking and would we wear something like this. You can have a look on a full article (and all other articles as well) on an official web-site of Feliz.

I want to thank Feliz team for this wonderful funny morning spent on shooting! Will remember it for ages!:)

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