Here I’m finally posting the sunny video from our trip to Barcelona for a super-sporty and fun event by ROXY. Do you still remember it?:) Here is my story of how it was. So, please, click on video right now and do not forget to switch for a higher quality. I suffered a lot to have fun and film everything in one time, so it deserves the better quality for sure:) Otherwise I will remain the only fan of #RUNSUPYOGA here! 

By the way, it was such a great joy to suddenly realize now, that ROXY birthday events are still running all over the world! So, thousands of girls continue on stretching, running and puddling. Amazing!

During this last month #RUNSUPYOGA went from Spain directly to Hawaii, France and Germany. On the 18th of July they are coming back to France (not Marseille, but Biarritz this time) and going to Great Britain on the 25th and to Australia afterwards. O wonder, if anyone counts, how many participants are there in total all over the world?)

Despite Hawaiian photos being so crazily cool, I keep on thinking, that our event in Barcelona was the best, the warmest in atmosphere, the most inspiring and outstanding one! Millions of events, going on all at one time, thousands of smiles around, everyone chatting, making friends, dressing, trying something new and wonderful, laughing, wanting to do everything… Wow!

I can’t stop myself from sharing some more really pretty photos. I also promised to show you that huge ROXY logo made of almost 1 500 yoga carpets. How amazing is that? I still can’t figure out, how the managed to do it so perfectly?:)

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