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#Glamwiesnbrunch in Munich: how we tried dirndls on

by Kseniia

Ok, I will be honest with you, my friends, I really want to sleep after that desasterous intoxication, a night, spent on a road, and a day at my favorite Riga Fashion Week, that I missed so much during the last two seasons (oh yes, go and have a look at a video, where I’m still young, thin and beautiful!). But there is that video of how I spontaneously went to Munich in September to celebrate Octoberfest hanging on my YouTube for quite a while now, so I will do my best and finally share it with you. Cause Octoberfest had not only already opened, but also had way too much time to also get closed. 

Spoiler! That’s the first time I ever spoke German in front of the camera. How did you like that attempt?

By the way, if you somehow missed my detailed story of how a bunch of bloggers from all over the world met in Munich to try dirndl on, chat a little and celebrate the “fifth season of the year”, welcome here.

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