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I was soooo fancy to post this video yesterday, as soon as Alesha finished with editing. You should understand, I was waiting for it for so long, that even the year of Skoda‘s anniversary (which is the main topic) passed! Trust me, there are so many interesting facts in it, those cutest oldtimers to begin with, that I just can’t wait to discuss everything with you. But eyesterday’s day was all about fixing all the problems of the blog. You know, they are just like domino: let the one smth break down and all the others will follow immediately. Now the blog won’t react on the problems of Instagram plagin and we also added cheating protection to our meter in a right column (I had that strong feeling, that it was growing too fast!). Of course, there is still a lot to be done, but now let’s talk about something more pleasant – Czech and the most interesting story of how a bike once turned into a car.

While having a test-drive in the country of castles and delicious meet (as I was told), we decided to devide roles. Alesha was testing the modern cars, and I got the most exсiting part – learning the history and getting to know oldtimers a little closer. I really believe this part is way more interesting, isn’t it? By the way, I already had a chance to have a look at them during my first trip back in 2014 and was absolutely amazed by how locals treat those cars. I can honestly say, that Czech is a country of Skoda. And not only because they are everywhere on the roads there. But more because besides the roads they have all those factories, museums, expositions and retro rallies, organized not only by the brand, but by their fans as well. It’s a real Skoda world! Like a club, that is always opened for the new members. Cause you just can’t not fall in love with this world as soon as you see those nice old men talking on how to save old cars or those cute young men discussing the innovations of 2015 models.

So stop reading and finally have a look. How was it? Was it interesting?:) 

P.S. And let me remind you of a JOYRNEY we’re about to give away next week! In order not to miss the moment, sign up for the updates (under the avatar in a right column). And try to guess the country we are going to send you to! The first right answer gets our special prize! A small hint: that is one of the countries we visited in 2015.

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