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In a mood to travel and daily vlogs from Finland

by Kseniia

Hey, guys, how about a cool new experiment?:) On Friday we are flying to Finland and are going to post DAILY videos about husky, deers, snowmobiles and other local super-activities on our YouTube channel (sign up, cause we’re not going to post videos here)! Interested? Hope so, cause we are! We have never yet done "vlogs", so have no idea, how to speak, what to show… But anyway: starting from February, the 14th at 10 AM every day a new video will wait for you!

So, what’s on the list?

– snowmobiling, deers and horses ride in Lapland,

– Northern Lights safari,

– too delicious and not so skinny food:)

– husky hugs,

– brunch with a local family,

– beyond amazing house with a panoramic walls and a personal sauna,

– stunning mountain and forest views,

– Helsinki fortress from UNESCO World Heritage List.

Can you even image, how excited we are right now? Guys, I really wish it would be interesting for you too! I believe, such "uncensored" videos can show the atmosphere of one of our favorite countries even better.

To follow us on YouTube, you just have to use any of your Google-products accounts, like YouTube, Gmail or Google+ and click this button:

Will be really happy to see your likes under the videos, comments or, well, at least – views:)

See you on Sunday and we are off to pack our things!

P.S. If you’re on Periscope (me – no!) follow @alexeyspodyneyko. He promises a lot of updates:)

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