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Israel video-guide. Part II: Masada

by Kseniia

Masada (or “Mezada”, as locals call it) is one of the most amzing places in Israel. Ancient fortress, built before our century, which is situated on an inaccessible rock in a middle of Judean desert on a Dead Sea shore. Just imagine: 400 meters of steep slopes all around and just a tiny Snake path, that unites Masada with the rest of the world! I honestly have no idea how people could have found this place and buit there anything so progressive.

It goes without saying that today Masada is way more welcoming. You can easily reach it on a funicular, which is actually the most wonderful way to as well explore the desert landscape. Or take a walking path, so loved by american tourists.

For Israelis Masada is a symbol heroism and unconquered will. Voluntary death of Elazar and his 1000 people, who didn’t want to turn into Roman slaves, is impressive. Some years ago Masada was a place of oath for local army and a phrase “Masada will never fall again!” was an inspirational quote for warriors in an independence war in 1948. Thingss become more confusing if you know that officialy events of that night were never admitted as a history. Though they have found some evidence, it was still not enough!

Not only the building, history or misteries of Masada are shocking, but the way ancient people invented everything as well. I have showed those water tanks in a video (can you imagine that only 12 tanks were enough for drinking water, bathing and ritual pools!). YOu can hardly believe your eyes after seeing the system of warehouses as well. They could save bread and other essentials for ages! What’s more, one date seed found here was still alive and is growing now! How cool is that:)

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