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Just a few hours before 2016

by Kseniia

It’s really hard to believe, that we’re about to seat around the table with family, salads (mine – without meat!) and presents. It’s really hard to believe, that a year had pased since we were spending holidays with Alesha in our new, a bit yet unusual for us appartament, planning over a million deals for a future year, that was certainly supposed to become really special, cause it was our first year with one surname. 2015 flew like a hurricane, like a moment, but was so emotional, so beautiful and visual, that we decided to round it up in this video. Have a look at the best, what happened to us in 2015. The coolest in it is that there’re still moments we haven’t shown yet, which means we are taking the best parts of 2015 with us to 2016. And don’t forget to switch to the best quality, Maldives are worth it:)

2015 for me was a true "no borders" year. And the thing is not in travels only, but in people I met there. This year I understood, that there always be more kind, good, tolerant people in the world. And they are – those, who make our wonderful world. They’re closer, that they might seem. Singapore was the best place to understand it, of course. Here people were born in one place, studied in another and are working in a third part of the world. Isn’t it just great? Or in Egypt, where we were just at the moments, when russian flights were banned. How painful, how sad was it to see all those people, who are just like us – with two hands and legs, with love to families and respect to others, wondering, why must they loose job and any opportunities, when they did nothing wrong! So, my dearest friends, please, do always remember, that planet Earth is huge and amazing, that there is always place to something possitive here and that we should always keep our love and hope in hearts and minds and share it with people all around, no matter how close or how far they are from you. Remember, that the world is opened to you, it is welcoming you, just don’t be scared. Dare first and then only analize, what if it would never have worked:)

We packed our suitcases for 16 times this year to travel to a new destination. And anyway most of the planes were ruined by long awaited visas or something else… Let us not remember the bad today! The best part is that we had a chance to see Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Estonia, Maldives and some parts of Russia for the first time in our lives and we also had a chance to return to the very beloved Israel, Soain, Finland, Czech, Germany, Latvia, Egypt. But the most, of course, happened in 2015 for the first time. The year started in Switzerland where I unexpectedly fell in love with a winter type of holidays and mountains. I understood, that nothing can be cooler, than that powerful nature, that amazingly clean fresh air you can enjoy when only oppened your eyes in the morning, while having breakfast on a sunny therrace (yes, it’s warm enough for that there!), while having a long track up the covered in clouds mountain. A little later our friends from ROXY and Quilsilver forced us to try snowboarding🙂 And we went to that crazy and cool snowboarding camp in Sochi – one of the places, that changed our lives forever. Honestly, we could hardly wait for the next season and already booked tickets to get there once again. For the first time in our lives we did snorkeling (in Israel and Maldives), for the first time I tried SUP and became its fan forever. For the first time a drunk "kopi" (malasian coffee with condenced milk) and tasted colorful, delicious peranakan food. For the first time Alesha went to cruize and I was fishing lobsters in the cold waters an the Sweden-Norvegian border. For the first time we stayed in a 6 stars hotel. For the first time I made video all on my own (though Alesha still laughes, while watching, but I’m just waiting for my moment to shine!). And for the first time I visited Africa and Alesha’s photo was published in italian Vanity Fair…

Honestly, it’s just impossible to tell about everything we overcame in 2015 in one post. Just imagine, that we nornaly have about 8-10 posts from every journey, even if it’s no longer than 3 days. So I will better just choose the best one, the one we loved the most. It goes without saying, it was our week in Finland. What a beautiful places we visited, how many new information received! We were riding canoes and motor boats, relaxed in saunas and jumped into a cold lake on a sunset, were eating fresh fish, that was fished only two hours ago, climbed a mountain in a national resort, made yoga on a sunrise. And all the shootings turned to be so spectacular: photos as well as videos. We still have two amazing videos about Mikkeli and Savonlinna regions to show, just waiting for the next season – to motivate you to visit this astonishing places as well:) ALesha was so inspired that he even suggested to make a documentary about lake Saimaa, but that are our dreams only as for now… 

Looking back on year 2015, I wonder if I would have changed anything in it? Many can be named: leaving the job earlier, keeping blog updated more frequently, change foreign passport faster in order not to loose some journeys or never rejecting collaborations to earn more money, to stop peole calling our blog "fashion", cause it’s all about travels? May be, but, honestly, these all are so unimportant and will be forgotten soon. The only thing I would have really changed – to spend more time with family and closest people. And that is as well what I want to wish you, my dearest gils, because our relatieves is the most valuable part of our life! I’m so thankful to all people, who were with us for the past 12 months. I want to name every, but am so scared to forget someone!

So just always be close to those, who love you and let them always be close to you. Happy 2016!

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