Laimushka, How much princess are you?

by Kseniia
Dear friends, I hope you still remember one of my favorite Riga fashion week shows – M-Couture. Cause today I’m going to show you wonderful clutches by Laimushka seen at this show. Clutches for real princesses:)

Do you know, why I call them "for princesses"? First of all because of that soft colored silk they are made of. Doesn’t it make you feel like in a castle bedroom?:) That is also about the mood of those accessories – a bit naive, a bit fairy, a bit romantic.

But surprisingly designers duo weren’t thinking about castles at all! They call their pieces "Audrey" and "Grace", cause that style icons are the main inspiration for them. As well as music, paintings, magazines, summer rain or tea aroma. "But the main inspiration for me is my job. As Pablo Picasso used to say "The inspiration comes in process". I totally agree", – says Laima, one of Laimushka designers.

She is now working with a friend Alexander. They moved to Stockholm, where she studied fashion in one of the Universities. She once began to create original belts and later came to clutches. That is how Sasha came into the brand, cause it would have been impossible to produce a high quality piece without a man:) Yes, you got ut right – those guys are doing everything by themselves: from an idea up to packaging!

It seems like in case you’re doing what you really life, all the Universe will help you. Once Laima was just looking for a shop to sell her clutches in Riga, when she suddenly bounced into Julia Sardikova – M-Couture designer and M-shop, based on Latvian design, owner. That was the beginning of their first collaboration:) Nowadays Laimushka designers are not planning collaborations with someone else, but they believe that the most wonderful things happen unexpectedly. Like it was with M-Couture!

Oh, by the way, if you guys are not from Riga (what I certainly can predict), but you’ll fall in love with Laimushka clutches as I did, feel free to enter online shop – they ship worldwide! So it is now my number one plan as soon as a receive my salary:)

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