Long-awaited project: theStyleJungle + Dance Class Shtatnov dancing video

by Kseniia

I told you to be ready for dancing invasion in my blog this month. And here we go!

This is our second dancing video and it means world to me. I’m very proud to introduce it. While sitting with Ann in my kitchen, i couldn’t believe that we suddenly got in contact via social networks with one of our favorite choreographers – Alexander Shtatnov. It was like a miracle that would diappear next morning. But it didn’t! Next morning we were sitting with Alexander in cafe, planning our video! Gosh! I still can hardly believe it! This person is absolutely stunning. In the way he dances, speaks, shares his love to dance. And of course the process of shooting – you know I’m a fan of making videos. It all was absolutely crazy!

And you can easily notice my hair flying higher than usually – it means I was above happy! 🙂

By the way, to fully enjoy the video click HD on the videoscreen!

My special thanks to Sela for cooperation and wonderful shirts found literally in last minute.

Video: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko, Ksenia Epifanovskaya (#TSJproduction)

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