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Modern Singapore: Marina Bay and Sentosa

by Kseniia

4 days are too little for Singapore and too much for one video at the same moment:) We needed all summer to decide, how to turn everything I shooted there in an interesting and logical film. After all, it became obvious, that it’s just impossible to fit everything in one video!

So, here is the first of THREE video-guides to Singapore. The one about its modern part, that we all know from the beautiful photos and TV programms.

Honestly, visiting Sentosa island was probably my main dream during this trip. Perhaps, because of how impressed I was by Disneyland and Universal Studios in America. They also have the last one on Sentosa, by the way. And because everything in this country is made to fullfill Guinness World Records book, it couldn’t be less, than fantastic! Of course, half of the day was not enough to see everything, but thank God we had those hours after all, right? We visited Oceanarium, took a ride on a cableway (which was awesome!), observed Singapore from the highest Merlion (a fish with a lion head – Singapore symbol) and even got a free ice-cream!

And you can read the detailed information about Marina Bay, famous for its “Avatar trees” and that hotel with a pool on a rooftop (which actually has the most picturesque view to the modern Singapore!) in one of the previous publications.

This video was made with the help of wonderful Elya Alekseikina (definitely, the best guide I ever had!). She patiently repeated all the facts several times, helped me with the camera. So, guys, when in Singapore – choose her as a guide! Here is an e-mail: ela@atlas-sq.com And now try to find her in a video:)

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