Not like anywhere else: London

by Kseniia

The most amazing and incredible on Earth is to find yourself in an absolutely new country and culture for the first time. Could I ever imagine that it will happen to me while traveling to England after all that trips to Europe we already had? London is unique and authentic and its citizens are really proud of it. It can be felt everywhere. Do you believe they don’t even accept tips in euro?

London is a very modern city. Of course there are a lot of places featured in English textbooks right after the phrase “London is the capital of Great Britain and situated on the river Thames”, but not they are those who make the city atmosphere. It is on the streets, framed by an unbelievably beautiful and neat houses, with a widely spread around pubs, where people stand right on the pavement, chatting and drinking beer, in a marvelous, so pedantic well maintained gardens, where girls with music in headphones and men with an enormous pack of cute dogs are having their morning runs. Everything is here like it could be in my perfect world. In a world that gives more than demands.

Thanks to we had a chance to spend 4 crazy days here, having enough time to live in two different districts of the city center. In a noisy, croudy street of legendary Liberty mall and Carnaby Street, afterwards moving to the quiet, aristocratic district next to Kensington gardens and palace, where people are having such a hasteless, self-esteemed breakfasts, that your day literally can last forever. We have seen London in a sunrise, when even the earliest workers are still at home and just those who have spent stormy night and those who don’t have home at all are already loafing around. We have seen London under the crazy rain, when wet people jump into tiny restaurants, take tine tables and order huge desserts. We have seen fireworks from the river, walked through all the Backer street followed by the Rigent’s Park with its huge and rich houses, ate fish-n-chips and drunk coffee in a small patio of Victoria&Albert museum.

This was a really outstanding time and I’m going to share it with you.

Photos by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

I’m wearing:

Fur coat, skirt, top and clutch
Sneakers Adidas Energy Boost
Necklace H&M

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