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Original design by Kiseleva.jewel

by Kseniia

It’s official now – this week Middle Ages suddenly came to my apartment. Actually it was just my wi-fi router that went out of order:) And it doesn’t matter that wi-fi today is everywhere, for me it was impossible it reach blog… But I’m happy to tell you that we never stopped working offline, so now I have a lot new to show you. Be ready!

It’s been a while since I last showed interesting design works. But Sasha came to me herself, impressed me and left me no chance for silence. So today let’s talk about those fantastic Kiseleva.jewel accessories you will soon see in our new photoshoot.

Sasha works with plexiglas, what is quite unusual for accessory design. But it looks really cool! I liked beautiful transparent necklaces and earrings most of all. They look like snowflakes – attractive, magical and increadibly beautiful from a closer look. What surprised me – they appear from an absolutely casual, unattractive shits of plexiglas in 2×3 meters size. Crazy, isn’t it? You should possess an ability to see beautiful in everything around you to do that!

An idea of such accessories came to Sasha’s mind while she was learning at Britain’s High School of Design. There she made plexiglas hangers for the first time. And started to think out what else can be done with this material. First accessory she made for herself, because it was only an experiment. And now she follows the rule to experiment with every piece. Each client can receive an accessory they wanted and imagined. And unusual orders only help Sasha to improve what she’s been doing. Recently, for example she added natural leather to plexiglas for the first time. Now she is planning to try metalls, wood and porcelain. But they always will be just an adding to the main material!

Don’t forget to add Kiseleva.jewel in VKontakte to always see the new accessories first!

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