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  • Lifestyle

    Stunning sunset in Raglan

    by Kseniia

    Sunsets are gorgeous. Period. But I think, we all agree that while some of them come and go, others are born to become the brightest memories.

  • As you guys know, besides writing about our travels in blog, we also write quite a lot of travel articles for different New Zealand and worldwide magazines. In 2018, our texts and photos were published in six New Zealand magazines and two websites from another countries. All together it was about 30 articles!

  • What do people normally do in December? Well, besides rushing out for Christmas presents, of course:) Planning the future year, what else! If you’re currently in the middle of choosing a new exciting destination to discover in 2017, here I am with my calendar of the best places for each month of the year. Because the right weather is obviously at least 50% of your good emotions while traveling. Who wants to spend beach holidays hiding from the rain, or skiing in a nasty dirt instead of a fluffy snow? So the perfect approach to planning a travel is to always start from checking the high season.

  • Lifestyle

    Living abroad: pluses and minuses

    by Kseniia

    Can hardly believe only one day left before we hit three months of living in New Zealand! Despite the time flies way slower here, it still passed amazingly fast! But anyway we had plenty opportunities to explore local way of living. Honestly, I already feel more comfortable and happy here than I used to while living for 4 months in United States, for example. So today I want to share my personal pluses and minuses of living abroad. 

  • TravelVideo

    Lapland – Winter Wonderland

    by Kseniia

    Best moment of the last winter? An opportunity to see the real winter. White fairy tale of Lapland. Honestly, before our trip to Finland I couldn’t even imagine, that snow level can be higher than a human. Just imagine, walking a narrow path in between, seeing nothing except for the snowdrifts around and a tiny piece of the world ahead.

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