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    #TSJGoPro Chronicles. How we spent 2014

    by Kseniia

    Let’s be honest, officialy new year starts only after the 12th of January and now we are all free to do only what we enjoy, to relax and, of course, once more remember the best moments of 2014. We with Alesha sorted out some of photos made last year with our GoPro camera and it turned out we still have lots of them never shown. So now I’m going to fix this situation and show you about 100 photos that mean so much to us.:)

  • Articles

    8 cool blogs you probably didn’t know yet

    by Kseniia

    Looks like it’s a Blog day today (I used such a lazy careless tone, though I have already wriiten an article about this on marieclaire.ru this night, in order not to look so obsessed). I really love the tradition of sharing blogs out of your theme this day. You should always look at world with the wide eyes:) I was imagining how I’m talking about the cool blogs of international avialines pilots making photos from their working spaces or those who are repairing old doors, or are perfect at scrapbooking, drawing comics with ostrich or know 375 ways to make traditional russian tea. Insread I realized I’m quite dull in this and not reading anyone of this type! And as fas as I didn’t want to share someone I have just found in Google, I almost failed the mission. So I will be gratefull for sharing your personal favorites outside fashion world in comments!

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