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    Best outfit in spring

    by Kseniia

    I can’t quite believe in in, but in spring we shooted so many outfits, we still haven’t published them all! And that is because such a great, interesting, expected and not so events happened this season. Hope you all guys lived this spring as we did. And now it’s time to get back to our test, started back in winter, and to choose the best spring outfit. And I will show you the winter winner you’ve chosen, at the end of this post! 🙂

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    My own very special moment

    by Kseniia

    My grandma loves sitting in a car, sister – lying in a bath, someone can be a fan of late night tea talks at small kitchen or morning sigarette at a balcony with a city view. And I was desperately seeking for a reason to make one more post from the airport (my first pre-flight post was born  in Riga, if you remember). Airport is my own special place, my best moment, when the foretaste of something extraordinary grows really big. And if a cup of coffee is added, than foretaste turns into euphoria. I even try not to drink coffee in Moscow too often to keep the feeling of it as my “travel drink”. 🙂

  • Ulle Suurhans-Pohjanheimo is a designer after estonian brand Pohjanheimo. For 20 years she’s been working as a haute couture atelier with minimalism aesthetics, when suddenly Ulle realized that she has reached the sky and to go further she needs to change something. At that time the first ladies of many countries as well as Viena Opera’s artists were wearing Pohjanheimo. So that was the moment when Ulle started pret-a-porter line and now, at the beggining of April, she showed her fourth collection in Riga.

    Last season fashion show was above all my expectations so this time I was waiting for the show impatiently. And I can hardly say what was the saddest about it – the end of the Riga Fashion Week or the end of this wonderful show. I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to chat with Ulle the next day.

  • Why are things always like this? If I’ve been preparing for an event all day, there is definitely something akward is going to happen, so I’ll feel stupid and sad. If I like something so much I can’t wait to show it to you, some surcumstances will ruin everything. For example, our third dancing video we’ve been preparing since Year. I wanted to show it so badly I couldn’t leave job earlier than 23.00, while packing my outfits for Riga Fashion Week I was dreaming about writing new post. Forget about it! I didn’t notice how the time to leave for the airport came. OK, I was intending to do it at the airport – there’s always that time you have no idea what to spend on before the flight… If you follow me on Instagram (@thestylejungle), you should know already that we were late for our flight and some kind of miracle saved us from missing this trip. Though it wasn’t that easy – while running towards the gate, Alesha fell down right in the middle of the airport:)

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    Lascana breakfast with my friends

    by Kseniia

    How impatiently I waited for my beloved Alesha and Ksusha to make photos and video from Lascana event! You’ve already seen some info about it in my Insta (@thestylejungle), and  in this post. Finally it’s time to show everything in details!

    And in my opinion everything went just perfect! For the first time in theStyleJungle history I was offered to organize event for my friends who blog. Can you imagine, it was only up to me who will see the new collection first. Such a responsibility!

    Of course, I would never allow something to go wrong when my friends are involved. So I planned all the event and invited my favorite make-up artist and hair stylist to turn our guests into queens:)

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