Cote d’Azur today is some kind of an allegory for a luxury type of living or holidays. I’m sure, you have also used this words meaning not a particular geographical place, but everything the most outstanding and perfect what is possible to imagine while having a journey. And what if Monaco is not only an abstract Heaven on Earth but a very real tourist destination?

Why to go to Monaco?

It’s really amazing, how many events are held through the year in this tiny country, that is only 2 square kilometers in territory (which is not only very little, but even almost 3 times smaller, than Sokolniki Park in Moscow, for example!). First of all, Monaco is famous for its Monte-Carlo cazino, of course. And everything, connected with posh lifestyle as well: yachts exhibitions, galla evenings and charity balls. And we would have chosen May as a time to visit Monaco due to a legendary “Formula 1” Grand-Prix, that Alesha is a true fan of, and an oldtimers Grand-Prix – a very spectacular show. 

But there is something interesting for every person. Within the last years Monaco turned into a real attraction for every music lover all over the world. World famous artists regulary perform here, saying nothing about an annual music festivals. The closest one, by the way, starts on the 23rd of November and will last till the 10th of December – that is the 10th Jazz Festival. 

Jazz Festival is being held in a wonderful Opera Garnier building, that is a point of interest itself. It is a number one stage for the many world-wide known musical and art events for over 100 years so far, for example, Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde” was first demostrated here. And the building was made by the same architector as that of a Paris House of Opera. During the Jazz Festival such legends as saxophonist Joshua Redman or a Belgian singer Selah Sue would perform along with the young talents like GoGo Penguin.

Those of you who are not ready to travel in November already:) still have a lot of options. From January up to March there is a huge Opera Festival (you can already buy tickets online since the beginning of November). Spring Arts Festival starts in April and is followed by a Feast of St.John on the 24th of June (this feast is actually an astonishing musical procession). July is the time for an outdoor concerts at Prince’s Palace by the legendary Philharmonic Orchestra of Monte-Carlo (by the way, in the middle of the summer there is also the Firework Festival, so it’s just the right time to see everything).

The nicest thing is that you can really visit Monaco at any time of the year. The climat is very friendly here: not more than 30 degrees in summer and not less than +10 – in winter. But anyway, experienced tourists recommend to choose the May to September period of time.

How to travel in Monaco?

Despite the fact, that it’s as easy to organize a trip to Monaco as to any other European country, there are still some tricky moments. 

First of all, visa. Russia doesn’t have an official Monaco embassy, so you will have to go for a French visa. Both countries are OK with that, so it shouldn’t cause any difficulties.

The easiest way to get to Monaco is via Nice. About 4 hours of flight – and you’re in France and it will only take you about half an hour to get to Monaco by car or about 45 minutes, if you choose a bus.

By the way, buses are a good choice to navigate inside the country as well. Six lines connect all the main sights. But they only operate till 21:00. The best way to see Monaco is a hop on – hop off bus, which you surely should be familiar with, cause it operates in many countries now. But the most fascinating attraction is probably a small locomotive, that goes through the country in half an hour. Be attentive: it doesn’t operates in winter months!

To rent a car and to make a dream of a silk scarf waving out of a cabriolet come true is also a good option. There are a lot of car rent companies in Monaco. Speed limit here is 50 kms per hour (what is not a great problem in a country with a 2 square kms territory, isn’t it?) and some regions (like Monaco Ville) are only could be accepted with a special pass.

We with Alesha have been dreaming of visiting Cote d’Azur for a really long time, but it’s only a dreams by now:) Hope, some day they will come true! And what about you, do you want to visit Monaco?

Post is sponsored by Principality of Monaco, but all the thoughts belong to us.

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