16.04.2018 BY Kseniia
That's phenomenal how in several years of doing 'Blogging tips' on my blog, I've never even tried to throw a spotlight on how and to what extend should you let your readers know, if you're using affiliate links, was paid for this post or offered a free treat. We have discussed how to find new partners, how to pitch awesome collaborations, but have never ever discussed the proper way to behave with your audience.
17.03.2018 BY Kseniia
Being a new blogger in a world when pretty much everyone has a blog or proudly calls himself an influencer is really confusing. "How to score the first collaboration?" "What are the possible income sources?" "WTF is Instagram algorithm and how to crack it?" And of course, the most popular - "am I really that good and special to succeed despite the highest level of competition in this field?" I see these questions all the time.
01.03.2018 BY Kseniia
This week the world suddenly went crazy about the new app. Not so new, actually - it's been around since 2015! The app is called Vero and claims to be "true social". Literally - "Vero" in Italian means "True".
22.02.2018 BY Kseniia
I assume you would agree that being a full-time blogger is an intangible ideal for many. Most of us have to juggle main job, blogging, hobbies and social life. Not surprisingly, instead of being creative and productive all the time, sometimes we may end up feeling too tired and unmotivated to post new article.
27.01.2018 BY Kseniia
Most of the boxes travel bloggers have to tick while traveling (or getting ready for a new adventure) are not even the topic to be bothered about for the rest of the travel world. Not surprisingly, it's easy to forget about some essentials, especially, if travel blogging is a new thing for you.
21.06.2017 BY Kseniia
How to be not only a successful online writer, but also a cool influencer and ambassador I asked Anne Buttar - the creative mind behind Wonderland Firm, PR and social media agency based in Wellington.
23.03.2017 BY Alex
Everyone starts from zero and it is a huge work to become a hero at some point. To inspire you to make first steps in this long way to being a pro photographer I will share with you my thoughts about common amateur mistakes. And hopefully, you will have an opportunity to avoid a lot of them.
18.01.2017 BY Kseniia
Kate lives and works rurally, over 800 km from Tauranga and even more - from Auckland. But it never stopped her from being a guest of New Zealand Fashion Week, collaborating with Wrangler and being remarkable and successful local blogger in general.
16.06.2016 BY Kseniia
You can't even imagine how happy I become after the comments like "What a luck it is to always travel with a photographer" on a photos from my solo trips:) Yes, many of my Instagram (@thestylejungle) pictures I do by myself. And now I want to share my experience, ideas and even mistakes.
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