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theStyleJungle for Vicini for Centro: Fruit Vibrations festival

by Kseniia

We continue on surfing around the summer festivals with Vicini for Centro in order to find out what exactly is better to wear for this kind of events. To be honest, I quite like it now – new festival every single weekend, why not? And though I wanted to believe in miracle with all my heart, this time there was no miracle: most of all I like food-festivals:) By the way, our video from one of those we published recently. And while we’re in a middle of getting ready for the next one, here it goes – the video from the musical festival Fruit Vibrations.

It was actually very special for me, cause I was invited to do a workshop at Lamoda.ru corner.And in order not to spoil our bloggers reputation I decided to go for my most wonderful pair of heels. Who knew not every festival has comfortable walking paths:) So, it was really a torture for me, what you will also find out from our video.

The results: despite the beautifulness of this pair, it is better not to wear heels on such events.

Right/mistaken: 1/1

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