A-ah, it was the longest day I ever had! When I’m so much fancy to show you something but forced to work and to study till late at night instead, it kind of feels like a torture. And what exactly I wanted to share is our new super-summer and super-sunny video. Alesha yet never was so creative in what he’s been doing, agree? Personally I can hardly find a good reason to watch it once more now. Even my cat had seen it already. 🙂 Twice.

"Vokrug Sveta" with "Borjomi" is the first festival we visited with our new special project for Vicini for Centro. The main aim of it is to find out what do people wear on different summer events (have you, guys, also noticed that we have an epic number of them this season?), what they should wear to feel comfortable and have a great time.

Honestly, I couldn’t even imagine I would be so inspired by this idea. I remeber the times I used to run here and there with the microphone and it was always far from pleasant for me. But may be I missed this activity any way or just fell in love with the new special project, but this time I was so happy and creative, we couldn’t even fit all my ideas into one video.

And by the way, let it be 1:0 for choosing the right shoes for the Ermitage Garden fstival. It was easy to spend all the time in them.

Video by: Alexey Trojan Spodyneyko (#TSJproduction)

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