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Tips&Tricks: Do you need to link outside the blog?

by Kseniia

I went through some new researches on this topic recently and it turned to be not as simple as I used to think about. So I decided to discuss it with you, my dear bloggers. Do you often use links to other web-sites in your posts?

Let’s go through all pro’s and cont’s

Why do I have to loose people?

That is the most frequently asked question by those who are against active links.Letme tell you something about life, dears: they will leave anyway. And not because they are so crazily eager to jump into this small link, but simply because they wanted to update Facebook status, for example.But on the other side, they will probably not return to you today anymore, while without the link they could have looked through some more pages which is good for your statistics. Agree?

Google is yet another argument of not being afraid to post links. Just think about that mega-popular web-site making its business on throwing people out from their page.

Searching engines will be cruel!

How much do SEO-specialists hate active links! They pretend to throw down your weight (which is true), making you appear on a lower possitions in a searching results. How clever those machines are today! Can you imagine, they used to only sort ranks by counting how much links you got on yout web-site? The more people link on you – the more popular you get! But people learned to cheat here really quickly. So they needed new algorithm. And they did it! Today the trusthworthy of the linking domain, the popularity of the linking page, the relevancy of the content between links and the anchor text and many other characteristics are also valuable.

The largest online-sourses one day just decided to ignore links at all. Even for the most expensive commercial clients. Very convenient… If not to think about the constantly changing algorithms!

So, according to the last information (I don’t know if it’s true or not!), today searching engines know that even the most authoritative source needs to link to someone else sometimes. So they learned how to scan “point B” for being trustworthy. In other words, if you’re linking to the popular, valuable source – you’re getting more popular as well, if you’re linking to some strange sources or 404 pages – you are playing a bad game!  

But we are not about that, right?

Why linking can be useful

I have found several reasons. 

  • The most pleasant for bloggers – it is a good way to be noticed. If your readers would go to the linked web-site, its owner can see it in statistics and communicate with you. If he turns to be a new partner or offers a content friendship – isn’t it an achievement?
  • Let’s face the truth: it’s just impossible to answer all the questions your readers might ask. So why not to show them where they can search for answers as well? if not answering, we can at least earn an image of a web-site that is trying to help. So why wouldn’t he than return again and again?

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