Tips&Tricks: how to make beautiful pics for Instagram?

by Kseniia

I’m still surprised by how qickly Instagram grew up from “just another social network” to the place where people communicate, promote their business, give promisses and report about the success, inspire others and search for inspiration. Probably, because of being a spot of inspiration for thousands, the most popular accounts today are of those who not only post what is going on in their lives but of those who do it in an artistic, beautiful, creative way.

I must admit, I follow a lot of accounts fullfilled with the beautiful vegan and healthy food. That is what helps me to stay fit and be creative in the kitchen at the same time. But there is also one really fairy girl in my feed – Nastya Smekhova (@nastya_march), who can not only food (what is not surprisingly any more), but anything around her snap in such an outstanding way, that I myself can only wish to repeat one day. All the travellings, working space, country house and Moscow streets look like postcards. And only with the help of the phone!

And if you also think about how to improve your Instagram pics, I guess, Nastya’s advice would be really helpful!

Direct speech

So, from the were beginning I should say… I can’t make photos specially for Instagram!:) I understand there are two groups of people: who were born with style and who are working hard and are determined to succeed. I’m from the second and only practice helped me to come a little closer to the first one. And when it only happened, people started to make questions: “How? How on Earth you’ve learned taking pics with the phone?!”.

One typical situation. We were walking on Tverskaya with my friend and found the beautiful building. I made a shot automatically and my friend did the same. But when I only needed one shot, she was changing locations thousands time and after that still found out that her pic was spoiled by an unexpected shadow. And meanwhile I already posted my photo and collected lots of likes. How can it be? Magic outside Hogwarts? Seems like I have not to show Ksusha’s readers all my secrets!

Don’t use too much filters. Try several effects and found something that suits you. VSCO, Afterlight, Studio, Line, After photo are the coolest apps for the best result.

– Tell us about your account: how did you came up to your personal style, what is your aim now?
– I joined Instagram 1,5 years ago and had no idea what to do with it at first. I was just posting breakfasts, new magazines, was following my friends and had no idea what a huge potential Instagram had! But after a couple of months I realized that filters can be very interesting and all those sharpens-contrasts are so good for foodporn. So, I just fund something new and desided to learn it.
From the very beginning I was choosing carefully what to post. Food, buildings, cosmethics – I was mixing everything, somehow knowing what to post right now. Then there was a trip to Piter, Dresden, Prague. I realized, that my followers liked creative people who travel a lot, see the world, try new products. Then onse the photo of the Prague strawberries gained 70 likes. I was so happy! I was definitely even dancing!:)
There were lots of apps where I was trying to find the best combination of light, shadows and composition. Everyone likes bright, saturated shots that look like they weren’t touched at all. 
Instagram is the perfect place for people who try to see the bright colors in their lives, who are searching for the new ways to improve themselves and are just fond of everything beautiful. My accoun aim is rather egoistic – to become better. I’m inspired by other accounts and try to create something own.
– How to see the amazing in usual? 
– Old houses, pictures hanging not very right on the wall, bright floor, beautiful engravings, flowers – you can’t even imagine how many beautifulness is there around us! You can post anything the main focus is how to improve it in apps. More than 650 likes I gained after posting my breakfast, did you get it? Foo-o-o-od! I was looking at this pic for a while trying to understand what was so special about it. Wooden table, soft colors, delicate picture on coffee cup – details are everything, it’s a fact!
Decide what for are you doing this. To only post your life pics or to inspire? That are two big differences. I prefer to like something really beautiful and not simply my friend’s pic.
And that is me, by the way:)
To make a good pic you should always remember what is your account about. Mine is about food, travelling, inspiring collages. So my selfie, for example, wouldn’t pass. I tried it once – some people stopped following me! So I don’t do it anymore. I can even go shopping specially for the new picture. While choosing fruits, yougurts, chocolate I already create future shot. When at home I put them properly on a plate, add book or a magazine, flowers – and that is it!
I’m fond of shooting and the best prize for me is to be invited on an event because of my Instagram. And if they will also offer me a job – than I will definitely go to the world dance championship, I swear. 🙂
– I often have such a problem: I want to share something so much, but I see that the picture is not perfect. But I post it anyway! And you seem like never have bad shots day! Is it more important HOW to say than WHAT to say for you? 
– Thanks so much!:) I also have this moments, when I want to share something, but I understand that it won’t fit my account. In such case I post to Twitter, Swarm, Facebook, Tambler. Sometimes to all of them!:) At the end for me it’s more important what would the pic be like, that what is written beneath. I’m not against emotions, but when there are not too much of them!

– Is there any secret to make your account the most effective? What works for you?
– First of all, good content, that you like yourself. Tags are good, but not whent there are 30 of them in a raw, it looks frightening. I usually put not more than 5, so that they fit in two rows. Nothing extra. Also you have to understand what tags it would be better to put. There are even special tag apps, if you can’t figure it out yourself. I usually put the tag of the app where I improved my photo and may be also of the things that are on the pic. Geotags are also usefull. They won’t bring you followers as quickly as #tagforlikes, but that way you will receive followers who are really interested in you. By the way, I usually block those who only have followers who followed back. That lowers the number of my followers, but I’m always sure that my account is active and readers are involved.

I never opened tags like #tagforlikes and liked photos there. But when only posting new pic, I can put it in comments and than delete in a minute. No one notices that, but I receive additional couple likes.

frequency is also important. 2-3 shots per week are enough. Every day is not an option in order not to become bothersome. But if you didn’t update Instagram for 5 days it’s not a reason to post any trash. When you have a lot of followers you are responsible to only show best to them, so being offline for a while is ok. 
YOu better comment when you really have what to say or you’re answering question or something. I don’t think it can add a lot of followers, but will definitely make you more remarkable.

Please, nevere write about follow back or liking back. Never ever will do that! If only you are not 10 years old. It’s only annoying to normal people!

– You probably follow a lot of beautiful accounts. Who can be really inspiring and whom can we learn from?
– Oh yes, I have more than 400 acoounts! One of my favorites is linda_lomilino. Unbelievably beautiful account, that learned me a lot! Among russians I especially like b>linadelika, classisinternal, pullya. They have their own style! Of course, it’s not everything, but the first to name.
By the way, talking about names.I hope you all realize how bad is “wow_my_name_is_69” sounds? Your surname, blog name, unique name – something that is close to you will be the best option. Don’t try to be someone else. You are unique and that means there are always people who care.
Nastya, thank you so much for your detailed answers, effective advice and really wonderful pictures!

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