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To Yaroslavl on Volkswagen Tiguan. How we did it

by Kseniia

Did you know that Tiguan – is a mixture of Tiger and Iguana? Don’t know about iguana, but there is definitely a lot from tiger in Volkswagen Tiguan. It is powerful, fast and crafty in some way. You feel like it plays with you all the time. A very interesting feeling, that we tried to show in our video-test-drive. This time we decided to film all the emotions and to compare what we, girls, firstly pay attention to and what is really important for guys. 🙂

You have no idea how glad I was to see this car. Caus it means that new joyrney is about to begin! This time it was quite short, but very interesting – we went to Perslavl-Zalesskiy (few views from quadrocopter, in case you missed it) and to Yaroslavl afterwards.

Time, spent on the road, was a pure joy. Now, that emotions have already passed, I can only remember that comfy and stable feeling. The car is not shoking and it wasn’t made to be like that at all, it just surves you with the high quality service.

While being a passenger, I could have only enjoyed tonns of space inside the car. You can easily make one more small car from the empty spots between the drived and the passenger and between a person and a door:) A perfect idea for those traveling a lot or having a big family. There is enough space at the back seats as well.

Everything is perfect inside this auto: obedient wheel (people say it even changes efforts effect due to your speed), comfortable seats (though I can’t quite understand why on Earth they made mechanic adjustmens for the passenger?), functional dashboard and a computer that looks after your condition and warns whenever you’re tired or sleepy, great camera for the back view during the parking. Even unusual for Alesha tumbler for backview mirrors looks absolutely normal for me.

You can only find first negative sides outside. For example, tiny backview mirrors. And the faster you go, the less you see there. Sometimes I think they were trying to limit driver’s overview. Cause front window is not wide enough as well. Which you actually get used to quickly:)

On the other side there are also many really important and cool ideas. For example, additionla lightning during he turn. How cool is that?

What I also have to tell you in the end is that 2.0 and 211 HP are more than useful. It goes easily on 150 kms/h and you really want to push it to the limits, what is not so save. Though with it’s 5 stars security, you can definitely take risks.

I can be really honest with you, I liked the car. First of all thanks to it’s warm confidence combined with playfull character. Hm, what if it was really that tiger and iguana moment?

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