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Top Russian fashion bloggers by Tutta la Moda

by Kseniia

I hope you remember my post about how important it is to use statistics to follow your web-site life? Recently I realized that thestylejungle.ru was included into the TOP-30 Russian fashion blogs, thanks to Google Analytics.

Of course, not all people there agreed with the rating, but as many people – as many opinions, isn’t it? And we are anyway pleased by theirs attention:) Only I quite don’t think of our blog as of fashion anymore, we take many more themes. And we really can’t only shoot me all the time. We tried today, but it all ended up with a spoiled mood and late, fat dinner. How fashionable is that? And what do you think? How can you call my blog?

By the way, you can see all the TOP right here. Have you noticed some favorite girls there? Tell me everything!

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