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Who is taking Pichshop school bag?

by Kseniia

People are always paying a lot of attention to time factor – we say that time cures, the result will be seen in some time and so on. That is why I’m especially pleased to see readers from the time I was Cosmoshopping.ru editor in my blog today. I’ve changed two places of work since than, but the fact they are still interested in me (and remember me!) means that they have always been honest to me. And to understand that people respect you not only because of you title, but just because you are who you are is really important for any person, I guess.

So, what I’m trying to tell you now… Is that I was really happy to choose Vladimira Pershina as this month’ winner. And that is not only because she never missed a single article I wrote at Cosmoshopping.ru, but mainly because she was really attentive to my blog last time. I got used to her comments so much I even got depressed when didn’t receive them in time:)

Vladimira, my congratulations and keep going! Please contact me via any social network from the right column!

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