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Being a new blogger in a world when pretty much everyone has a blog or proudly calls himself an influencer is really confusing. "How to score the first collaboration?" "What are the possible income sources?" "WTF is Instagram algorithm and how to crack it?" And of course, the most popular - "am I really that good and special to succeed despite the highest level of competition in this field?" I see these questions all the time.
Velassaru was our first stop in Maldives and we have only reached this beautiful island late at night, all sleepy and tired after a long flight from New Zealand. Knowing that we'll only have one full day to explore the resort before moving deeper into the atolls, we decided to take maximum out of it.
If you ask me about the quintessential New Zealand destinations I was dreaming to visit, I would name White Island and Milford Sound. Milford Sound is known as the eighth wonder of the world and the most visited sight of the country.
This week the world suddenly went crazy about the new app. Not so new, actually - it's been around since 2015! The app is called Vero and claims to be "true social". Literally - "Vero" in Italian means "True".

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