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May 2014

  • What I love Latvian design for is that unbanal approach for banal pieces. Seriously, you can often see such a basic looks at Riga fashion week shows, that they may seem way too simple even for those who only chose clothes according to theirs comfort and fade stage. But it takes only few model steps to find out that there are a lot of secrets hidden from the first view. Unique stitching, perforation seen only from a clother view or scales or any other feature. Something that makes us call this piece “designer” and not an ordinary. It also can be assymetric cuts on skirts, original coat collar or whatever. I should also mention that this details are usually all about breaking the dress-code or proportions. There is a real riot underneath this classic smart style! If I only had to characterize Latvian fashion with only two words, it would be “messy chic”.

  • I promissed that May prize for the best comment will be very special. And promisses are made to be kept. 🙂 My dear girls! Since the beginning of this competition, you already had chance to feel warmer, improve your skin or make-up collection, add beautiful accessories to your outfit. There is only one thing still missing… the main part of the outfit! And one of you will receive it in May!

  • Guys, is it the same with you? Do you also have that place in every city that comes into your mind as soon as you only hear the name of this city? That is not necessarily a landmark or any historically or strategically important place. It can be a cafe by the hotel, your own very special bench in a park, a street, leading to… anywhere:) In other words, the biggest impression from the new city you have received. Today I’m going to tell you about my that kind of place in New York City.

  • My dear friends, hi there! This unexpected “losts” is only Russian bloggers type of behaviour. Seriously, I’ve never seen foreign bloggers to suddenly desappear no matter how overwhelmed their schedule is. I’m so sorry for the lack of updates and for not answering your comments recently. Somehow we got totally lost in New York adventures, every morning promissing each other to show you some of our new photos in the evening and every evening being so tired that are falling asleep in a minute. You can’t even imagine how surprised and happy I was when realized today how many visitors we received last week in spite of being so irresponsible. And the best I can do for you now – finally announce the girl who gets our April prize – Rebecca Minkoff clutch from Shopbop online store.

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