19.09.2018 BY Kseniia
You know I’m the biggest beautyholic out there – I enjoy discovering new brands, top-notch products and extremely unusual, but highly effective ingredients. This is the first review in a new format - a real interview, only with a beauty product instead of a person.
04.09.2018 BY Kseniia
Rachelle Duffy (founder of The Little Big Events) is one of those people doing incredible things for our community and our region. Weekend markets, annual festivals and even monthly magazine is what brings Tauranga to life.
26.08.2018 BY Kseniia
Today I'm going to share the list of the best Instagram accounts in New Zealand with you. These talents inspire me every day by sharing new destinations I'm dying to see, discovering mouthwatering food locations and just generally living in style.
14.08.2018 BY Alex
I must admit, looking at the enormous captions Alex is posting on Instagram lately, I start feeling a bit guilty. Seriously, not all my blog posts are that long!.. Wait a minute! But doesn't it mean his captions can make a great post? Well, we're about to find out.
12.08.2018 BY Alex
It's been a while since we last organised a giveaway, so we're more than excited to team up with Side by Side company, who have recently launched a super successful travel item - The Power Packer. And that is the thing you're about to be in to win!
05.08.2018 BY Kseniia
It might seem that despite being New Zealand's fourth largest city, landlocked Hamilton will never be that attractive to visitors. But don't be fooled by the first impression! It's proximity to Hobbiton is definitely not the only reason to visit Hamilton.
04.08.2018 BY Kseniia
What can one do in under three hours? Well, I can write a short article, for example. Or bake a cake! Or travel from Tauranga to Napier. But can one explore an entire city in three hours? That's what Alex and I decided to check out on our layover in Qatar back in May.
22.07.2018 BY Kseniia
With endless baroque and rococo palaces in turquoise, yellow and pink colours, iconic golden domes of the cathedrals, hundreds of bridges guarded by bronze statues, Russia’s ‘cultural capital’ is the most precious stone in the crown of the world’s largest country. That is the place where all the tsars and aristocrats wanted to live in the past and the place not to be missed today.
14.07.2018 BY Kseniia
We only had around an hour to whizz through the yet sleepy, early morning Arrowtown on our way to Tasman glacier, but you know what? It was enough to make us looking forward to another trip! The cutest lil town I have ever seen, that has that magical, enchanted feeling, as if you've accidentally took the wrong turn on the highway and found yourself in a new Universe, where everything is so familiar, yet a bit different.
07.07.2018 BY Kseniia
As winter season calls for blankets, hot tea and books, sometimes it's just too difficult to resist. And I think, we all deserve this quiet me-time at home, just relaxing and doing nothing. But how do you make sure you take the max out of these two days without the guilt of waisting your time?
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