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February 2015

  • Девочки, я так долго не выкладывала эту подборку, что Алеше приходилось несколько раз дополнительно фотографировать пополнение примеров, и в итоге их что-то уже столько набралось, что мне самой даже немного страшно 🙂 Давно хотела рассказать вам о всяких необычных и действительно эффективных кремах и масках для лица. Те, чья формула инновационна настолько, что, того и гляди, станет умнее меня!

  • Video

    Israel video-tour. Part I: Jerusalem

    by Kseniia

    I’m sooo out of my comfort zone posting this video, you can’t even imagine! I even have no idea what to start with! With an interesting facts about Jerusalem? With a funny stories about me trying to learn how to make videos while holding 3 recording devices in my hands at the same time? Or with all my thanks to Alesha, who managed to turn my crazy shootings into a normally looking video? Or with one more really funny thing?..

  • Travel

    Switzerland from the window

    by Kseniia

    Switzerland is an absolutely fab country. Very beautiful, very sunny, cozy and happy. Looks like it’s always a sunshine here and the grass is green. It’s just another Universe! Even what concerns people. I haven’t ever yet seen a person being so happy while talking to conductor:)

    Every second with a switched off camera here is a waste of time. So I managed to spend all the card in ours:) But how on Earth could I have missed that wonderful window views?

  • Many people noticed my abs in this post. After a New Year I really focused on getting fit and healthy and here are the first results:) You know, I’m that kind of girl, easily gaining weight. If you don’t, you were just trapped by Alesha’s photo angles:) But how on Earth can you continue on doing sports and eating properly while in a journey? That was the first time I actually felt I could handle it without overeating or feeling hungry and sorry for the lack of fitness.

  • Don’t forget to choose the maximum quality for this video!

    I quite understand, why Carlton hotel in St.Moritz has invited us in this short period of winter low season right in between Christmas with the traditional polo on ice that followed, and an epic gastro fest with the Michelin stars chiefs coming from all over the world ahead. During this events it’s just impossible to find a free room there:)

    But it would be wrong to decide there is nothing to do during the low season. Except for riding, of course:) First of all, St.Moritz is a worth visiting place for the shopping fans (what you can easily notice in my video) and secondly they are turning 150 years this year, so there are always some kind of celebrations!

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