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    Interview with Rachelle Duffy (Our Place Tauranga)

    by Kseniia

    Rachelle Duffy (founder of The Little Big Events) is one of those people doing incredible things for our community and our region. Weekend markets, annual festivals and even monthly magazine is what brings Tauranga to life. I first had a pleasure to talk to her about a year ago, while interviewing Rachelle for focus magazine. Though she just gave Birth to her second baby and was certainly extremely busy being a mum of a newborn, she found time for a long and very interesting phone talk. A year later, and we finally meet in person at the opening day of Our Place, new container village in Tauranga CBD, bringing old market favs and some new brands to the Downtown.

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    Maldives holiday vlogs

    by Alex

    Maldives is one of those countries that is easier to show than to describe. All the palm trees, sandy beaches,…

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    French Toast worth leaving your warm bed in the morning

    by Kseniia

    Sometimes Alex says that instead of watching YouTube vlogs, I’d better watched several recipes by Gordon Ramsay… And I thought an ability to switch on the oven without burning your house was already cool enough in this era of take aways and frozen food:) But I should admit – creativity in the kitchen is definitely not my strongest point. That is why I was really excited to meet Liv Glazebrook from the Lewis Road Creamery and learn some new delicious breakfast ideas. After all, who else could come up with something amazing if not the New Product Development Manager? Here to the next many years of the French Toast for breakfast – no creativity, remember? Well, at least this one is totally worth being a constant habit.

  • Video

    All summer (or winter) vlogs

    by Kseniia

    As you all maybe know seasons in the south hemisphere are shifted in comparison to what we are used to have in Europe. So December, January and February were summer months. That is still quite curiously. But now when March is here we are starting to summarise some summer points. And why not to do a digest of our vlogs? There are heaps of them on our Youtube channel and if you missed some episodes – this is the right time to have a look. And if you have only discovered our vlogs… Maybe you should ask your employer a day off and buy popcorn. You have a lot of good footage to watch.

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    More vlogs from New Zealand

    by Kseniia
    Hi from New Zealand! This is how every our vlog begins. More than two months ago we couldn’t imagine that every Tuesday and Thursday we will be showing you the part of our life. Before New Year comes we decided to sum it all up and remind you to watch some episodes of our 21 vlogs.
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    Earthquake in New Zealand. How was it in Tauranga?

    by Kseniia

    I know, I know, we failed completely with the updates this month… The thing is we as well failed to study properly for the first two months and now are multitasking like crazy to be back on track with the upcoming exams. Russians do never give up, huh? All we can do now is to pray that our readers are the most patient and understanding human beings ever!.. If there are any still, of course:) The one thing we definitely couldn’t miss posting about is the recent earthquake that happened in New Zealand this week.

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    Vlogs from New Zealand and new section at the blog

    by Kseniia

    Maybe you have noticed some changes at our blog’s structure. Main menu now has new section #TSJinKIWILAND, which is all about our life in New Zealand. And we also started new series of vlogs at YouTube channel where you can find a lot of different videos about this beautiful country.

  • TravelVideo

    Lapland – Winter Wonderland

    by Kseniia

    Best moment of the last winter? An opportunity to see the real winter. White fairy tale of Lapland. Honestly, before our trip to Finland I couldn’t even imagine, that snow level can be higher than a human. Just imagine, walking a narrow path in between, seeing nothing except for the snowdrifts around and a tiny piece of the world ahead.

  • There is no other country on Earth that can be equally attractive all the year round. Finland is absolutely unique. You can’t resist visiting it in summer to spend nights in front of the bonfires and lakes, to meet those foggy sunrise and pick berries right under your foots, to take a canoe ride across the river or try the most delicious salmon, that was still swimming a couple of hours ago. And you also want to return here badly in winter – to see the prefect winter, where Christmas is born, to have a reindeer ride or jump into the snow right from the sauna, to kindle the fireplace and have warm talks with locals, while eating hot soups. 

    We are back from our one week long journey to Finland, feeling so much love and passion to this country. I hope, our videos, that we posted on a channel every day, will show you it better, than any words. I’m now going to show all of them at once! Time to fall in love with Finland:)

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