What to eat and how to do sports while in a trip

by Kseniia

Many people noticed my abs in this post. After a New Year I really focused on getting fit and healthy and here are the first results:) You know, I’m that kind of girl, easily gaining weight. If you don’t, you were just trapped by Alesha’s photo angles:) But how on Earth can you continue on doing sports and eating properly while in a journey? That was the first time I actually felt I could handle it without overeating or feeling hungry and sorry for the lack of fitness.

I was always pretty sure that in getting skinny the hardest thing is to start. In a week you will receive the first results and they will be your main moto since then. At the end of the day, we are not sweating to cover it all with a cheesecake afterwards. I think, none of us have never tried cheesecakes before, so there is no surprise, right? Thinking like that I could easily avoid desserts. The second moto is a sport one. Have you ever noticed it gets really harer to workout after junk food, chips, etc? It’s an true medicine fact, connected with blood pressure and so on. Just imagine, how hard the training itself. So why make it even harder by eating bad food?

How did I behave in Israel to kip fit?


What I really didn’t want to miss, are my trainings with video-course X-TrainFit. I took a flash card with me to continue on this 12 week programm of everyday routine.

Though I’m truing to follow recommended programm, I’ve decided to choose myself what exactly I want to do today in a journey. Cause it sounds more reasonable to strain those muscles not being too active during the day. Do I ended up y doing 3 trainings in a week: abs, chest&back, cardio (during the last one I was really scared of the angry neighbors to come after me). Not to much but I’m proud of myself anyway:)  

I went for a morning run twice: on a Dead Sea and on a Red Sea. Around half an hour and really slow, as I always do:) A little later I will make another post about my strange love to running in a beautiful places. Yo see, I’m not quite a runner in Moscow, but when I only see nature around me – no matter how little I slept, I’m waking up at six in the morning and going for a run.


I have a huge experience in writting articles about how to eat at buffets. But if it only could help me to resist:) Seems like everything comes in its time. I couldn’t switch into healthy eating at once, so I just started with sport and then my body became more active on showing what exactly I should eat today. And how much of that:)

So here comes my first rule: look through all the buffet first to decide what exactly you want. And only order or take something afterwards. That is how you can avoid taking everything what looks pretty.

Second rule: one dish is enough! We usually use 2-3 dishes from a buffet, but think for a minute – do you eat that much at home? So why to change habbits on a trip?

Third rule: only one come to the buffet. You will feel full in 15-20 minutes after eating and in between there is always a risk of eating too much.

If we went to arestaurant and not a buffet, I was truing to only eat one, main dish. Salad vegetables before were max. The only place where I couldn’t resist from tasting everything was Jerusalem restaurant I already wrote about.

One of the best dishes I ever had – rice with seafood in coconut souse. It was so huge! It could have been easily devided into two portions. So if you ever will come to Eilat, asian Ginger restaurant is a must place!

My next decision was probably not the healthiest one, but at least that way I could have controlled myself, cause I’m still not sure I can handle the pressure. So I decided to only eat musli every morning. Sometimes addinf yogurt or fresh fruits. Of course, I would have been happy to eat scrambled eggs with spinach sometimes, but I just didn’t know if it wouldn’t be followed by different bad food. 🙂

We actually didn’t have lunch time on a trip. Only breakfasts and dinners. And during the day we ate anything we had. Like fruits, nuts, musli bar. I even went for ice cream and falafel with humus and pita once (how could you ever miss that in Israel?). What I sticked into was eating one time. If you don’t havelunch, it doesn’t mean you can eat all day long.

That is how I trued to keep my skinning results n Israel. I wasn’t perfect role model, of course, but I’m really proud of myself for not overeating and not forgeting to train on a trip. It was probably the first time I didn’t gain weight.

Hope, that my example would be an inspiration for someone. Just remember – it’s only my example, not the only way to do smth. Everyone should find his own comfortable way. Listen to your wishes and compare them to your aims:)

By the way, is a buffet – challenge for anybody?

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