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January 2016

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    Cozy winter with ASOS: Bublik cafe

    by Kseniia

    What a foodie days we are having lately in blog! Well, that’s the way Russian winter behaves. All you’re able to do is to run from home to a car and from a car to yet another cup of ginger coffee only to run back afterwards. Summer was made for long walks and adventures and the only winter adventure is to suddenly choose porridge instead of pancakes. What a crazy decision!:) Honestly, I was ready to stop after that tasty guide to Riga, but ASOS suddenly came up with an outstanding and creative project: to make maps of warming places for winter in four capitals (Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris) with the help of local bloggers. Could we have missed it? 

  • Riga. Such a cosy, photogenic, welcoming capital. Everything is clear here, everything is close (not only in km’s, but in a way of thinking as well). The hugest joy in Riga is just to wonder across the streets until the hunger will bring you to yet another cute cafe. And don’t even try to follow the map, God only knows, why are they never telling the truth! I tried several times, but failed all the attempts. So, it’s always interesting to just follow your eyes.

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    How about coming back to life?:)

    by Kseniia

    Big hi everyone! Honestly, I’m surprised myself to write here during the holidays, cause we planned to only focus on working on all that photos and videos, that are still waiting for their turn to come since, oh my Godness, last June!! But you never know, when an inspiration finds you:) Like this time, when our friends from Voronezh (from Live Your Life project, by the way I do highly recommend Diana’s blog!) arrived and all we’ve been doing for the last two days is looking through millions of inspiring blogs and videos, driving all over Moscow for new shots and so on. So I just can’t stop myself from sharing this small, but so important for us shootage, we made in Egypt. To tell you the truth, this one looks more stunning than any blue lagoons from those videos to me.

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